Take a break from yourself

Do you remember when did you take a break from your daily life and spent that time in redefining yourself??
Whatever your answer would be... please read the following first...

Prabhat Singh Blog-Take a Break from Yourself
"We should take a break from this every day life... and spent that time in some activity that we enjoy... like playing guitar... Singing... playing cricket or any sport... writing... reading... etc. May be just for fifteen minutes but daily.... I know that this is not very easy for everyone but this is what we call life... life is not easy at all...but we don't stop living....similarly we should keep thrive... against the system...
This small 'help to yourself' can bring that special guy out from you... Who is happy from his life...from his surroundings... from his destiny... from his god..."

Do you remember the last time you play the guitar... which you used to play daily in college... to woo the girl you had crush on...?
Do you remember the last time you sing "Summer of 69"...with you college band...?
Do you remember the last time you hit a six...and broke your neighbor's window...?

No?? Why??
Because we are just humans.... we used to get used to of things....
And end up getting frustrating and unhappy...
Give your life another shot... and try what i have quote above....
This may help you in realizing the happy you...

I will feel grateful if you share this with your friends and family... :)

Just Get Lost...

Yet another poem I wrote some days back...
This is dedicated to someone... I lost some years back...
But I don't have any regrets.... ;)

Do one thing...
Just get lost... from my mind...
Don't try to steal my sleep...
I won't let you do...
Just get lost... from my heart...
Don't try to stop my beats...
I won't die for you...
Just get lost...from my life...
Don't ever try to come back...
I won't accept you...

-- Prabhat 'Einstein' Singh

P.S.: I don't Love You...!

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Rape in Return...

Saina Nehwal
Today I read another shocking rape story while I was reading Times of India's e-paper. As I open it's front page... My eyes falls on what Saina Nehwal has achieved. It is nice to read that she won Hong Kong Super Series Title after beating Asian Cup winner in the finals..
And just in a moment my eyes make their way to the another news, which reads "Girl gang-raped as 600 cops hunt car in vain" I could not stop myself reading this.
And after reading the full news i felt ashamed and really bad.
I mean what kind of society we are trying to make?
Why we are trying to make Delhi a world class city?
What men are trying to prove by raping girls?

If men do this to cool-down their urge to sex then go to the brothels damn it...! why making it worse for women to live here peacefully.
And if men are trying to prove their superiority then I want to say that "They already have lost it by showing such a horrid mind set about girls."

Girls like Saina nehwal are making our country proud and we are stabbing in the India's back by Raping, Beating, Exploiting an Integrable part of India the women.

They are earning respect for us and we are disrespecting them.
They are giving us hope and we are giving them "RAPE IN RETURN"....

This is a very sad thing that our police system took two hours to nail the guys who abducted the girl even after getting informed about the matter.
We need some changes in India... and definitely... Social Changes too.

I just wish that these changes take place as soon as possible...

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Should I?

I wrote this small poem this morning. I wanted to share this with all my readers... :)

Should I live or die...
or should I try...
to get back...what I lost...
Should I fight or give-up...
or should I cry...
for the things...of the past...

Whether I am confused...
or I just want to refuse...
to accept the truth...of this life...

--Prabhat 'Einstein' Singh.

The darkness of love

At first, the guy who don’t have any girlfriend, used to think…”Girls go with the guy who have lot of money to spent on her, a bike to give her a ride, good clothes and nice body to show off etc.”
When he had our big bang crush on some girl, who is also his good friend, he used to think… “Telling her my feelings can ruin our friend ship”. That’s why he keeps his love to himself only and don’t try to tell her anything. Resulting he fail to make his first crush the last crush.
When he falls in love, life seems at its best. Nothing bothers him. Neither tantrums of his mom and dad nor studies. After spending entire day with her... it feels very bad to leave her in the end of the day at her stop to home. Whole night he keeps thinking about her, texting her about how much he is missing her, how much he love her, how beautiful she looks when she gets angry, he can do anything for her smile... He fell in love with everything she has and she used to do. Her hairs, her eyes, her lips, the movies she likes, the game she plays etc.
As relationship matures, boy kept falling until he reaches the dark trench where just he and his girlfriend are together and no one around. He has left contact with the guys he used to call his best buddies. He doesn’t talk to his mom anymore. But she is happy because he is studying now, his girl makes him study the subject he hates and ignored once back.
His life going like a fairy tale until the letter ‘C’ comes to haunt him. She asks for commitment and the boy find himself fighting for making a good and sensible sentence but he fails. In the end girl starts crying which left her looking so adorable. He hugs her and gives her assurance that he won’t leave her for anything.
Time goes on and now this is about career. As expected, the girl is very clear about her career and too focused to achieve this. But the boy never took his career seriously despite of having altercation with the girl so many times on this topic.
Girl got the offer from a MNC for the job in marketing. Boy still fighting the rat race. After training she left for France to attain the position she got the job for. She had to do that. After all she fights hard to get this job.
 Distances creates great wall of suspicion in the both of minds. She suddenly makes a visit to India and break up with the guy on the note of getting frustrated with this whole idea of Long Distance Relationship. “It did not work for them”. He pleaded in front of her for not to leave him like that. But she just listens to her mind.
Now he is alone, in the darkness of the ditch, where he goes with someone he loved, he cared about. Now he don’t have anyone left around him but darkness. The darkness of love.
He tries to win her heart back… but failed.
He tries to kill himself… but failed.
He thinks to kill her… but failed.
After six months he got the call from her. He answers coldly. She tell him that she got engaged a guy from her office and getting married in next month.
He kept the phone…
Take a paper and a pen and starts writing… It reads,
Life goes on a full circle. Later I used to think girls run after money and now after getting madly in love and getting ditched I end up thinking that girls really run after money. I can’t take this anymore. I want to say something for you.
He put that note on the table and left the room.
That was a new beginning of a guy… tougher… smarter… and a playboy.

We are not Indians in India

Whenever we meet someone we used to ask "from where you belong?"... but sometimes we also ask
"are you bihari?"
"are you panjabi?"
"are you gujrati?" etc...
Thats one thing... we also get answers in reply as follows....
"no no i am delhite..." or "yes i am bihari"

I want to ask you guys... is this the only identity we have left in this country?
Are we always behave like we do not belong to same nation but states?

Sometimes back a colleague at my work place asked me whether "i am bihari or a u.p. wala"? I answered that i am from Uttar Pradesh.
But later I felt that I should have show her that I am just an Indian.
I think we get used to of such things. We do not remain Indians in India anymore.

P.S.: I hope after realizing this I will able to behave a bit more like "one country man". :)

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Why men finds it hard to praise a women in real?

Men... why men do not praise women in front of them??
Whenever a women (Wife or girlfriend) ask a men to praise her beauty... they starts feeling a sudden shortage of words to describe her...
But when it comes to write something about a women... it seems like they just have only one job "Praising and describing her beauty..."

I have an example for this..
Everyone knows the Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar... who gave number of romantic songs to Indian cinema...
but do you know his wife Shabana Azmi once told on radio that "He (javed) is very bad at romancing me..."

So this statement shows that Men can write anything good about women... but can't say that on their face.

Some facts... may interests you... :

"Men often think about other beauties while writing about women but not about their wife or girlfriend.."
"It is easy to write on pages...then saying that to a women... because pages do not question back.."
"When a men writes about romance... they are referring to their fantasies but you know fantasies are not for real..."
"Half of the good things written about women belongs to FICTIONAL characters..."

I hope you will like this one... :)
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On the dance floor - Shall We

This is a story i wrote sometime back. You may find this very strange piece of work, some may feel this is incomplete... but i left that part on my readers... what they interpret with this... so everybody gonna be happy..

Story goes as follows:

On the dance floor, in the night club.
Monika was alone along with a herd of humans. Dancing humans.
She came there with her best friend who thinks “I care for her, the most.”…"But Monika was heartbroken; her friend does not know this and is enjoying the fumes of cigarette smoke…”
A guy wearing a black blazer and blue jeans was watching her…since she came in… She noticed that, but could not process the signals.
He came over to dance floor and moves closer to her step by step 

Raz: “Shall we?”
Monika: “Ummm… I don’t know…”
Raz: “C’mon girl… I won’t hurt you…”
She gave her hand… he holds it softly… and put another on her back…
DJ changed the song and both start flowing with the music.
“I am Raz…”
She did not respond.
“You dance well.”
No response.
“I want to see you naked…”
She loosens herself... from his arms.
He does not stop her.
She comes down from dance floor to get the drinks.
He came up and asks “I am sorry, I should not have said that.”
No response.
And both walked out of the night club...

P.S. : so what happen next??

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She Is The Reason

This is the result of day dreaming...

She is the reason I live…
She is the treasure I found…
She is the air I breathe…
She is everything what is meant for me…
She is the smile of my face…
She is the tears of my eyes…
She is the love of my life…
She is the one I am crazy for…

P.S.: I hope she will like this...

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Five reasons why a guy should take relationship advice from a guy:

Sometimes you had and you will find some girls blabbing about differences between a boy and a girl’s thinking and such girls often say that never take a relationship advice from a boy.

I have some reasons to prove them all wrong and only boys gonna agree with me because girls have the problem known as “I am always right.”
So here are those five reasons:

1.       Guys are so awe…some…
2.       They do not pretend in front of their friends during serious talks like relationship or politics.
3.       Guys have one thing common… their EGO, so if there are some ego clashes between you and your girl… you will get the answer of your choice.
4.        If you cry in front of a guy… he won’t hug you and say stop crying dear… you know crying helps.
5.       Guys give the easiest way out when you are in any confusion… like “Dump her man… there are lots of fish in this ocean.” Or like “She was not meant for you dude…common move on man…”

I wish girls too like this… LOL…

Steve Job's Next Big Job - Apple's Clothing Line:iWear

Some may feel surprised and some may feel excited.
Some may feel jitters and some may feel apple.

Yes guys..  here is Apples' next big product launch. And I bet you...everybody will want this...
So here it is...Apple is all set to launch its first ever clothing line...and they gonna call it... any guesses???
"iWear"...with the slogan line as "Be like Steve"
The iWear line will consist of a mock black turtleneck, jeans, gray New Balance 991 sneakers, and a pair of non-prescription Steve Jobs-style glasses.

If you haven't realized by now (and I hope you have), this is just another joke from Scoopertino, a Mac satire news site.
how was it????

The Marriage Certificate/Death Certificate

Marriage Certificate

"This is to certify that Mrs. _______ has been given the authority to take over Mr._______'s life."
Post Marriage she would be authorized to

  • take all his money to shop
  • use his place to live
  • take decision on when to and how to make love
  • suspect him on any move
  • no late night parties with friends for him
  • take whole control of his life
P.S.: Marriage = Mr._______'s life miserable....

So What... If "Looks are Temporary"...

Some time back I visited my friend's place... There I got a chance to meet a guy (don't want to disclose the name) of around 40 yrs of age who try to prove his points to me...
First he said that only a Guys should pay on a lunch or dinner with the girl friend... I gave in...
Then he said that your marriage gonna be arranged... I don't know how he get to this point... Again I gave in...
But his bullshit didn't stop...
I thought what the fuck...!

When he said "Looks are temporary thing... And one should not follow a girl just for her looks... She should have a golden heart... even if she don't have that Angelina Jolie look..."

I do agree with that... But that day i wanted to show that guy... that What I Am... and There is no need to enforce your thinking on someone..

So i replied him... In a low tone... as much as i could... coz i have that tone wali problem...
I said "No Sir... I don't think so... I mean Why should I bear a permanent loss... When i can have a temporary profit?"
Everybody who was present there was stunned on my comment...And start looking at that guy... To check out the shit on his face... and To get some clue about his answer to my comment....

But he did not replied to me... I don't exactly know the reason for that...

May be I offended him.. as he was almost double of my age...
May be He did not wanted to carry that conversation to avoid a bad end...
May be He got my point...

Whatever was the reason of his muteness that day... But I enjoyed the end of that conversation... ;)

P.S. : I hope you too like this... And can help me find out the reason for his MUTISM...

Comments are most welcome...

I don't eat Watermelon (Tarbooz)

WatermelonImage via Wikipedia
Today i want to confess something...
That I don't eat Watermelon... you may think that what so big deal about that...
but there is...
Yeah I do not eat Tarbooz and I do not have any reason for that.
I mean "If somebody do not eat something then there are some issues about that eatable, whether its taste, its smell or its look etc."
But I have never taste or smell it ever.
This famous fruit of summer... could not win my heart.
May be its my attitude towards this fruit.
And its not like that that m not a foodie or i don't try experiments... I do them a lot...
I keep experiments with the cuisines and there various foods but I had never got that feel which can make me
eat Tarbooz, or even taste it.
I do not know what you guys gonna think about it... but this is it...
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Wants To Hear All Lies

We are quite responsible for all the lies we hear daily, because we are so in a fondness of hearing a lie. So we should not held responsible for all the lie someone told us… somewhere deep in heart…we all wants to hear a lie…

Girlfriend wants to hear that she is not fat even she knows she is but still she expects boys to say “no darling! You do not look fat… in this dress.”

Boys want to hear that they are the best choice for the women in the town… or they are stud…

Boss wants to hear that the project will be complete in one week… even he knows that it’s not possible… but he wants that as the answer.

Family wants to hear that their only son will marry the girl they going to choose for him… but he won’t.
And other examples…

Whatever we want… We want to listen that… as it are… without and altercations…

P.S.: But this one is true...

Kill that larger than life ego

Every woman already knows it and every man will know it after reading this.

What is in there? Why a man doesn’t say sorry so often? Why a man keep saying that he don’t love her even he knows it is all wrong? Why words about his ego make him so furious like hell?

Sometimes even MAN do not have the answers to the above questions. But the guy, who has really goes deep to his heart in search of his lost love, knows it all. So many times it happens that a man do not go back to her GF just because he thinks that it will hurt his self respect, but the thing he cares about is not his self respect but the huge male ego. And when he gets it in his head all he have is invitation of her marriage ceremony. Hehe… no that’s not funny… I was just making it lighter. So I was saying that it’s not so big deal if a boy goes to her and fetch her back from all the boundaries she have.

You know it’s funny when a man says he is not egoist, because every man has it… low or high, but it is always there with him.

Ego born with a man, and keeps on increasing with his age and dies with him in the deathbed. 

P.S.: I do have it... ;)

Gandhigiri - A poem

I was just time passing at the time when i wrote it down. So if you dont like it please don't blame me.... for anything.. ;)

Gandhi ne di satya-ahimsa,
Raju ne di ek nayi theory,
Naam tha uska GANDHIGIRI...

Logo ne kiya wo lesson,
Chhod di sabne ne gundagiri,
Naam tha uska GANDHIGIRI...

Sab lene pahuche apni PF or Pension,
Jisse afsaro ki tension badhi,
Naam tha uska GANDHIGIRI...

Media kaise rehti piche,
Shuru ki ek nayi kadi,
Naam tha uska GANDHIGIRI...

Baat pahuchi jab swarglok,
Gandhi ko mil gayi pari,
Naam tha uska GANDHIGIRI...

kab tak chalta ye sab drama,
Raju ne 3 idiots launch kari,
Udd gayi sari GANDHIGIRI....

Ab aya hai "AAL IZZ WELL",
Kab tak chalega, Hoga Ek din FAIL!!!!!!!!!

P.S.: Hehehe....

A Dog : Latest Victim of Caste-ism in India

Today, when I was reading newspaper, my eyes fall on and unusual news which was entitled as “Dog Cast(e) away after Dalit touch”. I got curious to read that news. And after reading this I found out that our country needs a great social change in mostly every part of country. The news said that, in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, a dog was kicked out of house by his lords just because dog has eaten a piece of roti (Bread) from the house of a Dalit.

Just because of this small reason… that Rajput family (owner of dog), calls for Panchyat. In which they decided that the dog does not belongs to its original owner anymore and that dalit women have to take care of him… and worse to that… Panchyat impose Rs.15000 fine on the poor Dalit farmer’s family.

Oh Gosh! When I mean when such people will start behaving normally, this type of things are shame on humanity. I really feel bad and sorry for such incidents.

P.S.: Call Mayawati… she will handle them … hehehe…

Eat, Pray and Win - With Suresh Kalmadi

Reporter: Sir what is your strategy for CWG.

Kalmadi: We have planed everything… and we will win most medals in the history of Indian sports.

Reporter: Which strategy?

Kalmadi: Eat, Pray and Win” strategy.

Reporter: Sir please, can we go into the details.

  • Eat- We have the most corrupt officials in our OC. Who are assigned task to eat more money do less work.
  • Pray- We pray to lord INDRA daily, to stop the rain so that games can take place normally.
  • Win- This is the most secrete one; we will make our competitors quit CWG, so that the competition will over and Indians will win the highest number of medals in the history Common Wealth Games.

A Strategy of Wining most medals in Common Wealth Games

Many of us may abuse the politicians and construction companies daily, because of the bad and corrupt work they did so far for one of the most eagerly waited event in Delhi… yes I think u got which event I am talking about… I am talking about Common Wealth Games…

I think Indian Politicians got the new and most easy way of wining most gold medals in the coming CWG event. Their Strategy is similar to the Virus’s strategy in 3 idiots… Remove your competitor from the competitions and u will win the game.

 Same thing is happening in Delhi. CWG organizing committee makes the event location and the games village in a way that all the other countries will back out after reviewing the conditions of stadiums, poor security, filthy roads and dengue. Resulting, most of the countries may go to back out from the CWG-2010. And this way India will win the highest number of medals in CWG… It may even create a world record… hehe…

I am not criticizing the government but showing the other side of story and optimism in a funnier way. I hope you guys won’t mind my writing.

P.S.: I am proud Indian but I am not proud of what is going on in country.

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Whenever world’s Film Community will talk about greatest guys of all time in Cinema, he will always be there. No one can ever forget his contribution to the World Cinema.
I am talking about Mr. SATYAJIT RAY. Yes he is the man, whose work got lots of critical acclaim worldwide. And he was regarded as one of the greatest auteurs of 20th century cinema.

Born on 2nd May 1921 in Calcutta, he was an Indian Bengali Filmmaker. Ray started his career as artist, but later took independent film making as career after meeting French Filmmaker Jean Renoir and viewing the Italian master piece “Bicycle Thieves” in London.

In his entire career he shot 37 films, which includes feature films, short films and documentaries. Ray’s first film Pather Panchali wan 11 international awards in 1955. Aparajito and Apur Sansar complete the triology named “The Apu Triology”. He won 37 national awards from Indian Government during his film career. He became the first Indian to win Academy Award in 1991. He was also a fiction writer, publisher, illustrator, graphic designer and film critic. Ray designed covers for many books, including Jim Corbett's Maneaters of Kumaon, and Jawaharlal Nehru's Discovery of India.

Upendrakishore Ray, Ray's grandfather was a writer, illustrator, philosopher, publisher, amateur astronomer and a leader of the Brahmo Samaj. Sukumar Ray, Upendrakishore's son, was a pioneering Bengali writer of nonsense rhyme and children's literature, an illustrator and a critic. So I must say that he had a great ancestry.

I have seen his work in The Apu Triology and Shatranj Ke Khiladi. And I was very impressed from his work in those films. Shatranj Ke Khiladi (1977) was his first non Bengali film and it was based on Munsi Premchand’s Novel with the same name. On 23rd April 1992 Ray left the world after a long period of illness.

Up to some extent, I feel so proud to have a film maker like him in India. I was happy to see his film The Apu Triology in worlds top 100 films of the 20th century. Want to see his work more and I am eagerly waiting for his documentary on Sikkim which was banned by censor board. Now this film is about set to release on his next birthday i.e. ; 2nd May 2011.

P.S.: I hope for the future directors that they would achieve more than him and make India proud. 

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The Pillow And The Traveler

Sameer was leaving home tonight for his adventure journey.  He was late and did not packed his bag on time. Now he was in haste and was very furious. His mother did all packing for him. In all the stuff she packed for him… there was a pillow that was taking a lot of space. Looking at that… Sameer said, “Mom! Why you put this pillow… I don’t want this and also it is taking a lot of space. How would I take this on tracking?”
His mother said, ”Sameer, don’t take it as burden. It will help you in many ways.”
“In what ways Mom?” he said with angry tone.
“I can give you three most important reasons to put this in your bag.”
“And what are they?”
First: Whenever you miss me or your girlfriend hug it tight with eyes closed you will feel better.
Second: Whenever you feel frustrated or bad, punch it, fight it…. Pillow won’t fight back.
Third: When you feel tired and messed up… put your head on it and rest.
Fourth: When you feel like crying… cry on it, it will absorb all your tears.”
“Oh! I love you mom… you care for me so much. Sorry for my behavior”
“It’s ok son. Mom always does care. Take care!”

P.S.: Nothing can match Mom’s care.


So our little master did it again... he surprised the world by achieving the position of Group Captain in Indian Air Force. He now has the habit of achieving such a great heights. He has a huge fan following in the world and In India 

"Cricket is the religion, and Sachin is the God...". 

Tendulkar was born in Bombay (Mumbai) to a marathi family. His father Ramesh Tendulkar was a marathi novelist. He named him after his favorite musician Sachin Dev Burman. His brother Ajit Tendulkar encourages him to play cricket. When he join MRF Pace Foundation... he wanted to be a fast bowler.. but Denies Lillee, Auatralian fast bowler suggested him to focus on his batting.

On 11 December 1988,when he was just 15 years and 232 days old, Tendulkar scored 100 not out in his debut first-class match for Bombay against Gujarat, making him the youngest Indian to score a century on first-class debut.
Dilip Vengaskar picked him up for the tour to Pakistan in 1989. In Pakistan, in his first test match he was bowled by Waqar Younis at a score of 15 runs.
It had taken him 79 ODIs to score a century.. but he never looked back after that.
He has a record of making 94 centuries till date in international cricket. This is not the end... he has scored most runs on the planet. And many of such records.. 

Here is a small story about him when he started his cricket coaching under Ramakant Achrekar..
When Sachin Tendulkar becomes exhuasted after practice sessions.. Achrekar would put a one-Rupee-coin on the top of the stumps, and the bowler who dismissed Tendulkar would get the coin. If Tendulkar passed the whole session without getting dismissed, the coach would give him the coin. Tendulkar now considers the 13 coins he won then as some of his most prized possessions.

After all these achievements ...  Tendulkar became the first sportsperson and the first personality without an aviation background to be awarded the honorary rank of Group Captain by the Indian Air Force.

I think there is nothing left for him to achieve... :)
But everyone knows he wont stop ever...

P.S.: During the Australian tour of India in 1998 Matthew Hayden said "I have seen God. He bats at no. 4 in India in Tests."

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Why She Can't Hate Him...

Girls have a heart, full of emotions, full of love and feelings. But they do not fall in love with anyone in a while. They take their time to find out the good qualities of the guy. And while doing this they ignore bad things in him. That’s why some times you may wonder why Mandakini fall for Dawood.

Once they start loving the guy, it is very difficult for her to leave that guy or hate that guy. You would have listened about that if a guy cheats on girl, she still takes him back. But have you ever listen that a girl cheats and the guy takes her back, if you did then please tell me here. So I was telling that “She cannot hate her love, ever.”

Whenever she says that “I LOVE HIM”, she always means that, and at that time she just can see everything good in him, ignoring all bad habits. Even if the relationship ends, she always watches herself unable to find anything to hate about the guy she loves. This is the reason “why it is so hard for her to ‘get over him’ after the relationship gets over.”

I think, I made my point clear.

I hope find it interesting enough to tell you buddies to read it here.

P.S.: Girls have a very fragile heart, don’t break it for no good reason.
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When She Left Me Abandoned...

When She Dumped Me and Left Me Alone... :)

You left me abandoned…
Your heart was untrue...
I can’t ever believe that …
I had fall for someone like you…
I hope you are happy...
U ruined my Life…
But I am still here…
Trying to make things right…
But let me tell you that…
I can live without you…
I will thrive without you…
Sooner or later I will…
Keep my drive without you….
As long as you are gone…
I will get along………

P.S.: This is Just A Poem!!! It has nothing to relate with my life. But Want Your Comments Here...!

INDIAN OF THE WEEK : E. Sreedharan

When I was thinking about to select INDIAN OF THE WEEK for this week , only one man came to my mind, METRO MAN OF INDIA Mr. E. Sreedhran.
He is a visionary and a superb technocrat. His full name is Elattuvalapil Sreedharan. He is known for completing  the well famous Konkan Railway and Delhi Metro projects within budget and before scheduled dates.
E Sreedharan was born on June 12, 1932 in Palakkad district , Kerala, India. After schooling he completed his graduation as an engineer from a Government Engineering College, Kakinada.
Initially he served as a lecturer at a polytechnic college, later on he join Indian Railways as Probationary Assistant Engineer in1954. He has a very clean career.
After his retirement from Job in Indian Railways, Government of India appoint him as CMD for the Konkan Railway in 1990 on contract basis. Though it was a government project involving 760 km  and over 150 bridges, he completed it with in the assigned cost and before the deadline.
Currently he is serving as Managing Director of DMRC. Under his guidance first phase of Delhi Metro got completed before the time limit. And then he again got appointed for the MD for second phase of Delhi Metro.
There was a time in 2009 when he resigned from the post of MD after taking the moral responsibility  for the collapse of an under-construction bridge at Zamrudpur near Amar Colony in Delhi that killed five people. However, Delhi's Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit rejected his resignation, and he withdrew it a day later.

His management style is different and he always take on the hold of everything personally.He divides the projects between sub managers and give everyone, a fixed date as deadline. He daily review the progress of all the projects.
And you guys may feel surprised that he donates his entire salary i.e.; 30,000 INR in the charity and lives on his pension.

No doubt he is an amazing personality. I view him as an youth icon.
I hope you have enjoyed this whole article about INDIAN OF THE WEEK.

P.S.: Waiting for your comments.
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Bermuda Triangle : Scientists Broke The Code

The place that has been blamed for death of so many warships and air crafts during world war II. The place that was rated highest among the UNSOLVED SCIENCE MYSTERIES. The place that has done the pain in the ass of scientists. TODAY, MYSTERY BEHIND THAT PLACE IS CRACKED.

I am talking about THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE.

Yes Fellas! The mystery behind BERMUDA TRIANGLE is solved, at least American scientists say so.

According to them there was never any paranormal or alien activities in Bermuda Triangle and all the other theories had no basis or proof. Scientists said, "There was a massive methane explosions in that area, that  results in disappearance of ships and air-crafts."

The presence of methane hydrates initiates enormous eruptions of methane bubbles that would swamp a ship, and projected high into the air- to take out flying airplanes.

Any ships caught within the methane mega-bubble immediately lose all buoyancy and sink to the bottom of the ocean. If the bubbles are big enough and possess a high enough density they can also knock aircraft out of the sky with little or no warning. Aircraft falling victim to these methane bubbles will lose their engines-perhaps igniting the methane surrounding them-and immediately lose their lift as well, ending their flights by diving into the ocean and swiftly plummeting

P.S.: Nice to read and nice to find out the reasons.

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INDIAN OF THE WEEK : Dr. Manmohan Singh

From today, I am going to start a new series of blogs here and named it “INDIAN OF THE WEEK”. And I am starting it with a man who may look so calm and silent but is very intelligent and brave. He is current and 14th prime minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Born on 26th September 1932 to Mr. and Mrs. Gurmukh Singh in Gah, Punjab was a genius of minds since his birth. He stands first throughout his academic career and got honors degree from Punjab University. He is a graduate from Cambridge and Oxford University too. Later on he served as a Governor of the Reserve Bank of India during 1982 to 1985 then finance minister of India between 1991 to 1996 and what happen after that we all knows, he became prime minister of the largest democracy in the world, INDIA.

Manmohan Singh, current prime minister of India.Image via Wikipedia
He is the one man behind the liberalization of industries from license raj era. He is the man behind all nice economical changes happening to us. He is the man behind the fact that people are getting jobs in MNC’s that even in India. He is the man behind the freedom from BABUDOM in industries. He is the man behind all MNC’s coming up to setup their offices in India. He opened up the gates of Indian economy to the foreign investment and brings completion. He makes GDP of India from crawling 3.5 percent to 8 percent during his career as FM of India.

Today if India is an economic power then that is because of him. He is the economist of India. He brings India in a considerable state. He is damn intelligent economist. We should be proud of having him as prime minister of our country. If India is facing huge inflation than he is not the only one to be blamed, Inflaton is there, in almost every country. Indian economy is connected with the whole world. If anything happens to Dow Jones or NASDAQ India face the burn and vice versa. 

So my point is that he is the guy who is the INDIAN OF THE WEEK on my Blog. I am proud of him, every Indian should be proud of him, thankful to him.

P.S.: I want your comments on my point.

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Best Religion In This World : HINDUISM

If someone ask you, “which one is the best religion in world?” Then what would be your answer? Catholic? Islam? or Budhism?  Whatever you answer, but according to me it is HINDUSIM.

Let me explain my point to you.

Hinduism is the most customized religion ever created on earth. You can make your rules and beliefs. You have an option to choose one god out of huge range of approx 36 lacs gods, great variety you see. You can make your own festivals. You can bribe your god. You make changes in your old traditions according to your ease. Pandits have all solutions to all of your problems. Hindus can eat almost everything in their fasts now. They eat as it suits them. They eat fruits, they eat pakodas, and they eat potatoes almost everything thing except salt during their fasts. I have more examples to explain that. Like they can take kavad on bikes and cars but rules are not like that. Almost every festivals can be celebrate on two days. They customize every ritual. What else I can tell you.

So my point is in HINSUISM, there are no hard beliefs, no hard rule, and no rituals. You can change it the way you want. It is like a WHAT YOU WANT IS WHAT YOU GET religion.

P.S.: Telling you what I feel, so nothing personal. 

China Bus Project - Cars To Run Under A Ginourmous Bus

Oh Boy! China is really one, no even many steps ahead of India and thinking of India.

The new project that is still in its conceptual design is Huge Over Buses Will Run Over Small Cars.
This is the project by Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment.The idea is to make use of the space between regular-size cars and bridges, thus saving construction costs as well as minimizing congestion impact by allowing cars to drive underneath these jumbo buses.

Really amazing thing man...

Video Here: http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/02/china-to-build-ginormous-buses-that-cars-can-drive-under-video/

P.S.: Worth  Reading  and Watching.
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Rs.1500 Laptop: Get Ready To Use World's Cheapest Laptop

During mid of July 2010, India took a great leap forward in a way to provide better technology at low cost. As it was a dream to own a laptop some years ago, has changed. India in performing exceptionally well in making every Indian to use Laptop, like we use mobiles today.

To make a dream come true....
Indian Education Minister Mr. Kapil Sibbal unveiled a Laptop worth Rupees 1500. It has all the basic features that should be there in a laptop to be used for education and profession.

It has the following features:

  • It has single unit system which has a touch screen.
  • It has a keyboard which is in-built.
  • It consists of 2 GB RAM memory.
  • It comprises of wifi connectivity and USB port.
  • It is operated by a 2 watt system so that it can even perform in areas where power supply is low.
  • The laptop uses Linux system.
  • Touch Screen 7 and 9 inches.
  • Can also run on solar power.

I think its enough in the amount of just Rs. 1500 or $ 30. Initially, when the low priced laptop were being planned to introduce, the officials ruled out that its price would be around Rs.500. But, now it would be almost three times the price that was estimated earlier.
The HRD ministry,hopes to bring down the price to $10 after the device is mass produced.

This project was a result of discussions on this project with a group of experts at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and IIT Bombay by the human resource development ministry.

Some additional Features:
  • Video web conferencing facility,
  • Multimedia content viewer for example pdf, jpeg, zip, etc,
  • Computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab and
  • Internet browsing with flash plug-in, JavaScript.
Aur  Kya Bache Ki Jaan Loge :)....

P.S.: All the best for the development team. Read... and Share If Like It.....

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