A Dog : Latest Victim of Caste-ism in India

Today, when I was reading newspaper, my eyes fall on and unusual news which was entitled as “Dog Cast(e) away after Dalit touch”. I got curious to read that news. And after reading this I found out that our country needs a great social change in mostly every part of country. The news said that, in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, a dog was kicked out of house by his lords just because dog has eaten a piece of roti (Bread) from the house of a Dalit.

Just because of this small reason… that Rajput family (owner of dog), calls for Panchyat. In which they decided that the dog does not belongs to its original owner anymore and that dalit women have to take care of him… and worse to that… Panchyat impose Rs.15000 fine on the poor Dalit farmer’s family.

Oh Gosh! When I mean when such people will start behaving normally, this type of things are shame on humanity. I really feel bad and sorry for such incidents.

P.S.: Call Mayawati… she will handle them … hehehe…

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