A movie or a riddle?

I must say "A riddle".
I am talking about a movie called "No Smoking".
It seldom happens that, each time you watch movie, you end up with different conclusions in the end.
It seldom happens that, each time you find some new detail, that you haven't noticed last time.
It seldom happens that, you can quote a movie as "A Riddle".
Based on an very abstract story Quitter's Inc. written by Stephen King, No Smoking takes that story to another level of abstraction.

The Money Collector

He put a key into the key hole and twist is a bit, but lock remains unlocked. He tried same with another key and the result was same.

Sam enters into that old filthy office and saw him.

“Those keys won’t work in that box, try this one.” Sam said and throws a key chain towards him.
He catches it and goes through the same process again.