Seeking Happiness, But Where??

Yes... Where???
Whatever we do... An ultimate goal, an objective, an aim is always there...
and that is "HAPPINESS"
Seeking Happiness at Prabhat Einstein Singh Blog

Some people seek Happiness in Money...
For some people, Happiness is in their work, their job...
A House wife finds Happiness in her Home making skills...
A Heart Broken man finds Happiness in a Bar or a Brothel...

This is a matter of fact that... how many people end up getting Happy??

Rich People says, "Money is not everything.."
Serviceman says, "I am fed up of doing same thing daily..."
House wife says, "I have no life... Except making babies and food..."
A Heart Broken man says, "Even Brothels have bad women..."

So, I wanted to ask you...
Where do you try find your Happiness?
Well I think,
Whatever the place you choose!!!
Whatever the way you select!!!

We should try to respect our choice and be happy with that, At-least until you don't get anything new... Because if we don't...
We end up getting frustrated... Scolding our juniors...
Overspending to overcome our frustration....

In the end... The LOSS is only ours...
So, if you are a keen HAPPINESS SEEKER,
Then do remember... "Respect and believe your own Decisions and Choices..."
You will be Happy... Someday... For Something... You Always Wanted.... :)

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I met the Warriors of IMSEC: Happy Ending

Some of them were lying on the mats in front of college gates while some of them were at hostel to eat some food, some of them was talking about revolutions. I was happy after witnessing such a great contribution of my junior for something good. They were united for some reasons, they all were happy, they all were taking care of each other. A perfect example of Warriors in the battle field.

I got a chance to talk to Saurabh Tandon about the strike and its reasons. He was very good at what he was doing there. He told me about our EX- Director Prabal K. Chakaborty, What he used to do with students and their parents. He told me that Director forced some students to shave their heads. Director call some girls Whore in front of her parents. There are so many similar stories he told me. After listening to all of them , I just said,"Fuck Him!". That director write Dr. as prefix to his name. But I don't think he even has real degree of any sort. "He is literate but not educated", Saurabh said.

He told me about contributed effort of all the students, some of the names I remember like Shivesh, Ashwni, etc some of them I forgot (Sorry for that). He told me that everyone is giving 100%. Even girls were doing their levels best efforts. They were bringing food for boys from hostel mess, they were trying to keep boy's motivation and confidence up. I saw Roopika managing many things, like informing all the girls about what is going on and what to do next. She must have a lot of experience in participating in strikes, I guess so..

In the evening i return to my home but images of that day will never fade from my memory. All of the students who participated in that strike is not less than any solider to me. They did what they think is better for everyone. They hear what their heart says. They are Warriors of IMS Enginnering College.

Later, in the evening on Monday, I got call from Saurabh, He says "This is a voice of victory sir. We won. Director has resigned and may face jail term for harassing students."
I said "You guys shows your metal after all. Congrats bro!"

So in the end, Director Prabal (Trouble) K. Chakarborty has gone from the seat. I wish and hope that IMSEC never get any such character even around its campus. Such peoples are a threat to a good society. and College helps in making a good society.