Say it before its Too Late

Before telling you my opinion let me share a small story with you that resemble many love stories that ends without any results.

Once upon a time in a college, around 500 students enter the gates as first year students. Schools have just ended and they were stepping in a totally new environment. I don’t know it happens to you but as far as my experience teaches me, college time is a very confusing time. We spend at least 6 hours in thinking, planning and deciding many things around you, daily till first semester.
  • We think about best girl or boy in the class.
  • We plan about outings and movies in the weekends.
  • We decide about who is good to be friend with and who is don’t fit in there.

And during that instance, a boy sees a girl, and in the first moment the girl becomes his crush. In second moment he falls in love with her. He tells his friends about his crush (love). He tries for friendship with her and succeeds. But he doesn’t tell her his intentions. And in one or two months a group formed consist his friend and her friends. He still in love with her but didn’t told or even drop ant hint, just loving her secretly. His friends tell him to go and propose but he is afraid. But he is afraid of what? He is afraid of losing her. He is afraid of “what will he do if she said no?” He is afraid of if he propose her, he may lose the friendship they have. He is afraid of his image of dude. And as expected he didn’t tell her and two years passed like someone has thrown sands of times. He still loves her, care for her. He help her out of every problem, he becomes her shadow. They like each other’s company. Study together, eat together, half of the college think they are couple. Even she starts feeling in love with him now. But no one said any word. The girl’s problem was “Boy Should Take the Initiative, Girls Never Propose First”. And soon two more years slip away. Then there comes the final day of the college, The Farewell. Still both are unsure of each other. Celebration in the party was on the full swing. Juniors saying some lines about seniors, teachers coming and going on and from stage, every senior was busy in other things. Then some on stage said, “All the couples stand up and join the DJ for couple dance.” Awkwardness fills the mind of both of them. But this time the boy stands up and asks for her hand for helping her to stand. Both come on the dance floor, she was in his arms both trying to dance normally, but they are not able to cope up with their heart, millions thoughts entering and exiting the mind of both of them. Still none of them said a single word.

Boy’s thoughts “What will I do when she will leave the college? I am addicted to her. I am addicted to see her eyes, her lips, and a small mole on lower lip, her cute nose, her soft cheeks, and her chiseled body. I can’t let her go like this. I was stupid and total dumb.”

Girl’s thoughts “Why I fall for this stupid? He doesn’t even have guts to say ‘I love you’. What he thinks of himself? At least drop some hint idiot if you really love me. ”

In that moment of celebration, something strange happens that you may not believe.  Two, small, silver drops slip from two different eyes. They didn’t cry themselves; they didn’t give the signal but the universe. The universe want them to meet, the universe want them to be with each other. So universe drops the most romantic sign of love. Both said in unison “I Love You”. It was happening and they couldn’t help that. In the next moment, their lips met and lost in each other. Everyone was looking in amazement at them, but no one wanted them to separate. After 10 seconds they get their senses back, I think universe have lift its control from them. Even they could not believe what just has happened. But both was happy and on the cloud nine. Later on they marry each other and live happily ever after.

Some people left college with broken heart, some left with two heart. Some left college crying, some laughing. But at that day that girl and boy left college in love. They were not crying, not laughing. They left college to start a new life.

The End

So I think this story had told you many things that I wanted to say. If you love someone, tell her/him now. Don’t expect a yes every time and don’t waste your time waiting for someone who will not return, just accept the reality and move on. There is “The One” for every one on earth.

Life is a very fast process and very short too, may be it won’t wait for you.

P.S.: One more thing I want to tell you guys that Universe Won’t Help You Every Time, So Go and Fall in Love of Your Life.

Some Silly Mistakes, Boys Often Do And Then Regret...

Hey! Guys today, once again I am going to tell you how to behave with girls. So here I go…

First thing that should be kept in mind while talking to a girl is that
“Don’t make her fun in front of your friends or her friends or other people.”
It may shatter her heart and spoil your image (if any) in her eyes.

Most of the guys do that because they do not think much before saying, and then regret later on. Yes this is true that she will forgive you for your mistakes but not every time dudes. So, if you really love her or even like her do not ever practice such things. Yes if you just flirting around the city then it is fine and I must say that, it is good if you want to breakup with her.

Second thing is that 
“Never tell a girl that she is useless in anyway.” 
Girls are the most fragile creature god has ever create, and to worsen the situation; god gave her responsibility to the most ‘irresponsible and foolish’ living being on earth. God acts so funny sometimes.

My point is that girls have very fragile heart so handle that with care. Else you will apologize for it in your life. Saying that she is useless is one of the most immature and harsh thing you will ever do to her.
So please dear friends don’t break her heart by such silly mistakes that can be easily vetoed by using very small portion of your brain.

P.S.: Missed me? So I am back with my new post for you, my readers. Your comments are most welcome here.

To My Editor Friend

Hey Swati...!

I want you to be editor of my all non sense stories. No one knows me better than you. :)

Waiting For Your Reply....

And Ya This Guwahati Sucks!!!!!!
Missing You Dost....

The One Who Encourages Me To Write, My Best Buddy - Deepak

This post is dedicated to the one who encourages me to write. One of my best buddies, cutest face of our group, has nice sense of humor with nice timing too. His name is DEEPAK; he is the only person in my group who always encourages me to write blogs, poems stories etc. I remember the day we met in class; I asked his name and place etc, from that day we share a good chemistry. On the second week of the college LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI released. As I have made lot of friends in my class in just two weeks, I asked them to go for the movie, but most of them said no or make any nonsense excuses. As I told you Deepak and I share a good chemistry, in the end just two of us reached the multiplex named pacific.

When we watch the movie, we realized one thing that this beginning has no end. Because we both have same interests, both like each other’s way of thinking and that’s why we never fought ever. We wrote many poems and parody the famous songs. From the first day of college we always sat on the second row seat, just behind the girls. We use to sing a lot of songs during class and most of the time to irritate the girls of the first bench, we starts our own radio channel 99.9 in the class room and sing the requested ones.

I still remember, during those JAVA and DAA lectures, we use to write poems and make parodies of songs, and we even sing them in class, even in the presence of HOD. I can’t forget when we both failed in the first semester in Electrical and on the next day of result we watched NISHABD in silver-city. I am missing watching those movies.

We thought of many stories in our whole college life but most of them never end up on the notebook. We are like SALIM-JAVED; we are story teller of the group. Today I was missing all the moment we share like singing songs, writing poems, making parodies, walking from silver-city to bus stand after watching NISHABD, roaming around the college when teacher throw us out of the class, after bunking NIMISHA mam’s  lecture wandering on the railway tracks with VIVEK and SHAHBAZ, 99.9 radio IMS, “Deepa ki dikkat”.

I will never forget that masti Dude. I am ending this post here or else emotions will become out of my control.

What a Girl Want?

A huge and an unanswered question that wander the mind of most of the boys and men is:

"What a girl or a women want?"

This is a million dollar question in the head of every male species I think, and can leave any man puzzled. Every single male on this earth, has this question in deep of his heart that “what exactly a woman wants?”, because having relation with someone has not any meaning if he don’t understand her. Initially they do try to find out the answer but most of them do not get success in this riddle and left battle field just trying one or two times. Those peoples end up in unhealthy and awful relation with their partner. Well answer to this question is not very difficult and many guys even got to know the answer with the time. Only those people know the answer, which do not left the arena of solving the most confusing and typical riddle god has ever made “THE WOMAN”. I solved the riddle a little soon so sharing my views here……
I have a very straightforward answer for this question and that is,
“Every girl love to be loved by her love.”- Prabhat Singh

And this is true… For a girl, there is nothing important more than getting love from the person who she thinks will become the man of her life.

Too many guys may say that they just want huge bank balance, a BMW, a bungalow at Aurangzeb road etc. If they are saying so then they have experienced a wrong girl. And use to call these girls slut. Here is a simple thing I want to ask you guys don’t you ever think of having a huge bungalow, a Ferrari etc, so why calling a girl having such dream, a slut?
I just want to say that we should know that the first priority in girl’s life is getting love, and other things came afterwards.

So go and love your girl like you have never done before…

P.S.: Hey! Guys don’t get me wrong; I am just telling you what I have felt. Comment are most welcome and would increase my confidence in writing.

Just To Flirt With A Girl

This post is for the boys who lack the capabilities of flirting with girls.
Some boys don’t know how to flirt with a girl with decency. And when they try their hands in this field they end up with a slap on their face (most of the times) or eyewitness a disgusted face of girl, for you. These things diminish the confidence of the guy and that’s why he is not able to ask a girl out in future.

A simple and most awesome tip for such guys… “Read Romantic Stories and Novels”.
I could have said that watching romantic movies is enough but reading a novel or a book has greater impact on the mind and heart.
I can recommending some books here, must read for unromantic peoples and who don’t know even a bit of flirting… Five of the most romantic novels are as follows:

  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
  • Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Devereaux
  • The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss
  • A Rose in Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss
  • Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I Felt Earthquake Tremors Tonight In Ghaziabad

Tonight on 10:00, I was trying to sleep as I was very tired. But some thoughts in my mind kept me awake. I was thinking about the whole day and about my final year project. As I was about to sleep something strange happened to me, which I have never expected. I was in the first stage of falling asleep, I suddenly felt like someone moving my bed. I open my eyes and look around my bed, but no one was there. I got up quickly. In just 4 or 5 seconds it was clear that no one was moving my bed but it was a slight earthquake. My heart was pounding very fast. I put my hand on my heart to feel my heartbeats. They were not normal as always but very short lived. I call out by brother and asked him about all that happen, when he conform the same I reached the conclusion and we all came out of rooms and sit in our front yard. My mom starts telling us her past encounters with quakes.
After spending 2 hours there we went to sleep in our rooms. But I am still unable to sleep. So thought why don’t write a blog on this.

May be you did not felt that, but I do. That's why sharing my experience here.

Simple Remedy Of Happiness - Help Others

Have you ever helped someone, when he/she need you the most?
Here "he/she" may be your friend or relative or acquaintance etc.

If not then do it today!
And feel the effect.
Some of you may have felt that though, and know how it feels like.

It will bring a slight change in you. You will start feeling spiritual, optimistic and serene.
If you make it a habit then you will uncover the peace and calmness of mind, body and soul, that have lost somewhere for days.
Helping someone have a divine cause in itself, if you are helping a needy person then you are taking off a cause of pain from the earth. I know there are billions of reasons of to bother about, but you can eliminate some of them, and become a motivation for someone.
That’s all what I wanted to say tonight.
But some important words are yet to come:

"If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them."

God Bless You!

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

P.S.: I want to hear your experience of helping someone. Comments are most welcome.

A Poem Written By My Best Friend

My best friend SWATI wrote this poem and dedicate it to her 6 closest friends...
Their names are (in alphabetical order) - Deepak,Monica, Prabhat, Shahbaz, Shalini, Vivek.

She said that we inspired her to write this poem...
It was written during exams...
Here It Goes...

Dedicated to...
U were there to wipe my tears before they rolled down...

U were there to make me smile before I could be tense...

U were there to remove any obstacle in my path even before I knew it ws there...

U were there to read my mind widout me letting u know...

U never judge,
U never misunderstand,
U never question...

U let me pour my heart out over d silliest of things...

U are d calm in my ocean wen I face turbulence...

U are my shoulder to lean on wen I feel lonely...

U listen,
U support,
U believe...

U never let me explain myself...u never needed an explanation!

U never let me say trust me ...u did dat before I cud trust myself!

U never leave me alone...i wont even let u...


Ask Her Feelings

A huge mistake that most of us guys do that we try to guess a girl’s feelings…  And most of the time ends on a wrong conclusion.

Girl is only creature on earth that can keep loads of worries in her mind (heart) and never tell you if you don’t ask…
So never try to guess her feelings… Just go to her and ask her directly but still in a nice way.
It may so happen that, at first she won’t tell you her feelings… But you should not forget that she is a girl after all… In a minute or two... She will surely tell you everything about her and her mind…
Just keep this in mind that
Never Guess Her…Go and Ask Her…