The One Who Encourages Me To Write, My Best Buddy - Deepak

This post is dedicated to the one who encourages me to write. One of my best buddies, cutest face of our group, has nice sense of humor with nice timing too. His name is DEEPAK; he is the only person in my group who always encourages me to write blogs, poems stories etc. I remember the day we met in class; I asked his name and place etc, from that day we share a good chemistry. On the second week of the college LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI released. As I have made lot of friends in my class in just two weeks, I asked them to go for the movie, but most of them said no or make any nonsense excuses. As I told you Deepak and I share a good chemistry, in the end just two of us reached the multiplex named pacific.

When we watch the movie, we realized one thing that this beginning has no end. Because we both have same interests, both like each other’s way of thinking and that’s why we never fought ever. We wrote many poems and parody the famous songs. From the first day of college we always sat on the second row seat, just behind the girls. We use to sing a lot of songs during class and most of the time to irritate the girls of the first bench, we starts our own radio channel 99.9 in the class room and sing the requested ones.

I still remember, during those JAVA and DAA lectures, we use to write poems and make parodies of songs, and we even sing them in class, even in the presence of HOD. I can’t forget when we both failed in the first semester in Electrical and on the next day of result we watched NISHABD in silver-city. I am missing watching those movies.

We thought of many stories in our whole college life but most of them never end up on the notebook. We are like SALIM-JAVED; we are story teller of the group. Today I was missing all the moment we share like singing songs, writing poems, making parodies, walking from silver-city to bus stand after watching NISHABD, roaming around the college when teacher throw us out of the class, after bunking NIMISHA mam’s  lecture wandering on the railway tracks with VIVEK and SHAHBAZ, 99.9 radio IMS, “Deepa ki dikkat”.

I will never forget that masti Dude. I am ending this post here or else emotions will become out of my control.