10 Things You're Not Supposed To Know

10 Things You're Not Supposed To Know:

1.CIA Commits over 1,00,000 serious crimes each year.
2.One of the popes wrote an EROTIC book.
3.The WORLD'S MUSEUMS contains innumerable fakes.
4.Electric cars ahve been around since 1880's.
5.The Police aren't legally obligated to protect you.
6.The Government can take your house and land, then sell them to private corps.
7.Most Doc's dont know the radiation level of CAT scans.
8.Medication Errors kills thousands each year.
9.Work kills more people then war.
10.Adolph Hitler's blood relatives are alive and well in N.Y. state.

HBTI still depend upon UPTU

First semesters exams conducted by HBTI as an independent body, after getting the autonomous status. The evaluation process was completed by the institute over a fortnight ago but the results from UPTU are delayed.
Interestingly, it is for the first time that the evaluated answer sheets in each department where shown to the students.

C.N. Singh, media incharge of HBTI said that, the university has second year results, the combined result of first year and second year has to be given and thus the institute has to depend upon the university for the announcement of the result.

Two IMSEC girls died on college trip

hey guys and girls!
i m still shocked becoz of sudden dimise of two ims B.Sc. Biotechnology girls....
i got the the news from a sms from my frnd it reads:
" hey two girls of our college died on a trip to nainital, enjoy two days of holidays."
its really sad when for some cheap jokes some guys or girls forgot their responsibility to stand up with college students in protest.

plz join this campaign.....

First year result IMSEC

my gf got 67.7 percent.....

i cnt belive...

i dnt knw, how these girls got time to study..
and how they got marks...

u knw?????

UPTU result 2009 IMSEC

all IMSECian's first year result is out...
go and check ur markss..

all the best to u too...

UPTU B.Tech 1st sem result IMSEC

Hey! Guys..
Our college, IMSEC, result is not displayed on uptu website.
There is some problem with IMSEC's students roll numbers.
When i entered some rollnos, website said something like this
"This roll number is invalid. Contact your college director"

so buddies dont panic and enjoy!!!!
"u got some more time to get high and dance till ur ass got burst"