We All Love To Hear "Yes"

Our elders want us to say “yes” to everything they impose on us. So do our teachers. So do our bosses. So do us. Actually we all are so used to hear Yes form everyone. Yes, this is true. When we tell our parents about our bf/gf, we all want to hear a yes to accept him or her. When we enter our boss’s cabin with a leave application, we want him to say “Yes, you can go”. We always want our teacher to take us in the class, no matter how much we were late or ho short attendance we have. When we propose, we hope to listen yes, even some people don’t propose out of fear that he or she will say “No”.

Guys don’t get use to of that “Yes” and start accepting rejections. They won’t ruin you but will make the best out of you.

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CVC Report - Another Corruption Scandal Rocks India

India Gate, Delhi 

So once again Delhi CWG Organizing Committee and Delhi are in news... All for no good reasons... Once again it happened and everyone in this world got to know that “In-India-Pay-And-Do-Whatever-You-Want-To-Do”. Once again we the people fall for officials promises. Once again Delhi must be feeling ashamed. Once again Congress Government must be getting all jitters. Once again there is an outcry of the conspiracy.

Oh Lord! Once again… what is happing all around? Can’t we do one thing right, in place? Go to Delhi and watch… it changes a lot… You will see broken buildings… roads… footpaths etc. nothing is in place. Please you grownup leaders and officials…. Please focus on games and wish our athletes do perform well there.

I just wish CWG goes well because officials are saying that “Rain can ruin the games”. Please be prepared for that in advance, because even we cannot stop a natural thing.

P.S.: All the Best Delhi…

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Mamata Didi Please Leave Voluntarily Or People Will Through You Out

There Was a time when Lal Bahadur Shastri offered his resignation as Union Railway Minister; hours after he was made aware of a train accident that killed around 150 people.

Lal Bahadur ShastriImage via Wikipedia
But politics has been become so cheap and shity. Mamata Banarjee keep singing the tune of opposition's hand in every thing that happened to her. Take the Jananeshwari Exp accident or the more recent one two days back in Sainthia. She keeps calling a foul play every where. Didi Stop Pretending and do something. 90000 vacancies are lying up but there are no executers for the recruitment, even India has a huge number of unemployed peoples . Everything is running like "Ho Jayega " attitude.

I think MAMATA DIDI You Should Resign Now....

P.S.: This is not the article of hate... Just a voice of public....

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A Hindi Poem on Missing Wife and Facebook.....

Kavi Prabhat 'Einstein' Singh ki ek anupam bhent--

tujhe dil ki charo drives me mara search... google - yahoo me kiya paisa kharch...

mandir ghuma, masjid ghuma, ghuma gurudwara aur church...

gali maholley huye tere charche... jab chapwaye tere naam ke parche...

wapas aaja ghar pe... bhuke bilakhte hain tere bachhe...

naukrani bhi ni aati ab to... kaun dhoyega mere gande moje aur kache...?
taj ke honeymoon suit se mila tere blouse ka hook...

Dharti khoji ambar khoja, Aur tu padi hai yaha ... on "FACEBOOK"?

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Some Tips on The First Date For Boys

No matter how, when and where you meet her; in college/class, in a bar/disco or after getting fixed by a common friend, you should keep some things in your mind for your first date. These are pretty common things but we forget some of them and end up in nowhere but with a bad memory.

Dress well: A dressed guy is always a dream for a girl. Because it shows that the guy is quite disciplined. And you know girls like such boys.
      Watch her actions: A girl may try to hide it but if the guy gives attention to what she is doing or behaving, it can help him a lot. For e.g.; if she is looking for the waiter more often then believe me she is not interested in your talks and you should change the topic. Etc.
      Try casual talks: No one wants to talk about work or office on the first meeting unless you are on your official visit. So try out some casual topics like; what she does in her spare time? Talk about fun things like bungee jumping, travelling, Xbox etc.
      Ask her hobbies and interests: You can get a lot to talk about by asking about her interests. You can also get to know what are common in you.
      Check her sense of humor: Girl with a bad or low sense of humor is strict no-no. If a girl can’t laugh on your jokes then you should leave her on her own and stop thinking about her.
      Don’t stare on her boobs: Knowingly or unknowingly, once in a while our eyes falls on them but remove your eyes as soon as possible or before she notice. Not doing so can make her think “what type of guy he is? Staring on my boobs.” And she will turn off.

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The Best Teacher For A Man

A woman in a traditional Icelandic costume tea...Image via Wikipedia
Wikipedia defines women as a FEMALE HUMAN. But she is a lot more than that.

Many of us think we are born intelligent but we forget that at every turn of our life there was a girl, a woman who was making our life easier for us. Women are the best teacher we have on this earth. She teaches us so many things that we use throughout our life. She makes a man out of a boy. She makes us mature. She makes us gentleman. She makes us human being. She makes us what we are.

Women have the ability to transform a man. At every stage of our life she teaches us many lessons and gives us energy to thrive. They teach us about sacrifice and how to survive it. She keeps teaching us different lessons as a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife and daughter.

When we were just born she, as a mother teaches us how to drink milk from her breast. When we grow up a little she teaches us how to eat, drink, talk etc. When we grow up a bit more, she gives us lesson on how to behave. Sister teaches us that girls are so fragile, talk to them nicely. Then she comes in our life as a girlfriend and transforms a mama’s boy into an independent chap. She teaches us how to love, how to live. She helps us finding goal of our life. If she leaves us, she teaches us how to survive in bad moments, how to survive breakups and the most important one don’t love someone more than yourself. As a wife she teaches us what responsibility is, what is home, what is money etc. then she becomes your life long teacher. As a daughter she teaches us about the new generation, and what’s going on out there. She tells us about her mother etc. When she becomes a woman herself we realize what a father of a girl feels, when she gets married and leaves home.
 Being a teacher she just asks for some care and love from us and sometimes we cannot even give them simple touch that.

P.S.: Don’t be surprised it’s me Prabhat, writing all this. “You Know What I Mean”. Comments are most welcome.

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The Sleep...!

The Sleep…

Sleep is the worst kind of friend humans can ever had. Sleep comes closer to you when you are relaxed and happy and feeling great. Sleep comes to you when you want to study. Sleep comes to when you are talking with you girlfriend. Sleep comes to you when tired. Sleep comes to you when teacher takes lecture. Sleep comes to you when you do not want it to come.

But it left you when you want it to come to you and get into you so that you can take a sound nap.

Sleep left you when you tensed and in a fucking situation. Sleep left you when the exams over. Sleep left you when you are heart broken. Sleep left you when someone broke the promise to come back, and even you know he/she won’t come back but you wait for them day and night.

“Sleep is just like a whore who left you when you do not have money.”