In the eye of The God

We live with a stupid perception of having an afterlife, which these fake disciples of god, created. They who made THE GOD for their own lustful benefits, and to govern this society make people believe in that virtual power of yours as God.

The Life Long Dream

Life is such a dream like sequence. It is neither true nor false.
A lot of uncontrolled events happen in our life and so in our dreams. We flow with it, along the stream of a myth that it really exist, that everything, every event is true. We are not sure of it or are we? What is truth? Do you know anything that will prove to be true? Truth is what, which do not change with different seasons, in different circumstances or for different people.

Over The Phone!

He was abusing her very badly, on other side of the phone; I don't know how she would be reacting. But she must not be feeling any good about it. He told her a plan. That could lead him to jail. But he told her all, anyway. He didn't seem pleased. Why he wasted all that time then, I thought. He left the place soon after that.

She was crying on the phone. Tears trailing down from eyes to her lips but she was listening to him patiently yet she looked anxious. She wanted to tell him something but she stopped and preferred to listen to him. It seems to me that she wanted to stop him. If she wanted to, then why she didn't, I thought. She kept the phone and walked away.