In the eye of The God

We live with a stupid perception of having an afterlife, which these fake disciples of god, created. They who made THE GOD for their own lustful benefits, and to govern this society make people believe in that virtual power of yours as God.

What is this after life? Who had seen that? We keep thinking of whatever is happening here or whatever we will do, might affect that after life. While the truth is no one told you about after life but those preachers who have not even died yet. I feel that you don’t have to worry about this little thing in life. Your soul will not perish it will exist until the end of this universe. We all know a scientific principle of that. Well everybody must be aware of the principle of energy? "Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It changes from one form to another form."

So does our soul, which is a kind of energy that lies in us, remain in this world until someday something happened to suck all of this energy? Well I am not sure of that to happen ever.
Just live your life and do insane things. Do study as much as you can, do get drunk and smoke if you feel like doing. Change things about you if you don’t like them, get silicone implants, get Botox. As long as you are feeling alive there should be nothing to stop you.

If you feel like killing somebody, and you feel if that that will bring a difference in the society, just do that. This god is nothing but picture that keep you away from things that few people don’t want you to do or know.
Forget after life and live this one.

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