Scripted, Unrealistic and Remakes....

Sometimes I wonder that our Indian reality Television is really shows reality or it is just another way of making TRP’s touch the Al Burj (Highest building in the world)?
Thank to god that I do not have cable T.V. at my home, otherwise I have got killed myself because of such wired reality shows.Whenever my friends start talking about these nonsense shows, make them stop talking about them or step out of the room.I always find them unrealistic or more appropriately say scripted. Initially I had interest in watching MTV Roadies but now that show too losing its grip on Indian audience.
Now there are so many reality shows coming up, and all follows the same idea. An idea that is running like a horse in the field of television industry, I mean most of the shows are copy of each other.
For e.g.: Roadies and Dadagiri have resemblance, Boogie-Woogie and DID, KBC and sawal dus crore ka and many more.
Guys if you are producing reality shows then please preserve some reality in the shows.
I am a bit upset because of the fact that, where is our Indian Television going on? I miss the old but my favorite shows such as Mowgli, Tarang, Potli Baba Ki, Dekh Bhai Dekh etc. These show have something nice about themselves. And that nice thing is keeping them alive somewhere in my heart.
Whenever I think about those TV shows my whole childhood come in front of me as a flash of light. I miss those days man!!!!
Kaha gaya wo mowgli,
Kaha gaya wo Tarang,
Kaha gaye wo mahabharat ke characters,
Kaha gaye wo mitti ke rang.
Jab bhi yad aate hain wo din,
Dil karta hai flash back me chala jau…
Shaktimaan ki tarah mai bhi kahi udd jau..
Sochta hu yahi k wo bhi kya din the..
Jab sari chhutiya TV k samne kat jati thi…
Padhai to durr ki baat hai yar..
Bhook bhi sari mar jati thi…
I miss those moments a lot guys!!!!!!
P.S.: Comments are most welcome....

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Half Century

Last post was my 50th post on this blog.
I am happy after scoring a half century in this field. I know its not that much, but for me its quite an achievement here.

Thanks to all my readers and followers.
and thanks to Blogomania. Blogomania gave me the motivation and inspiration for writing here.

And last but not the least Thanks to all my friends for being my regular reader.

Size Size Size! Yes It Matters...

In the winters of 2010, Infosys came on our campus for pool selection.

During the presentation session they (INFOSYS guys) showed us a video with a title "Does Size Matter?", As soon as that title flash on the wall, all of us started laughing (you know why we all laugh?, well you are quite intelligent guys, so F.I.Y.). Well that was rude from the INFOSYS point of view. But we enjoyed that part of presentation.

In the evening when result came out, I was not selected for the interview, but all of my friends got selected, at that very moment I cursed myself. Result declaration goes on for 2 minutes more. Those two minutes was some of the worst two minutes of my life. But as result announcement ends, my friends came to me and hugged me tightly. Then I thought that, this is all right. At least my friends got selected, because they are some of those people in my life, I cared a lot for.

When I came home that title keep flashing in my mind. I keep thinking about that title.... I thought….

Is it really true?

Does size really matters that much?

And from the next day I started researching about the real effect of size on our mind...

After a long research I found some good results and made a conclusion that "Yes! Size really matters a lot!"

Not believing me? I can prove it!

Just think about what I going to ask you guys...

Where you want do the job?

Is it in a MNC (Multi-National Company) and a LC (Local Company)?

Well I know your answer, and that is a MNC.

What you want to drive?

Is it a Honda CRV or Tata NANO?

I know no one wants that small and creepy car, so the answer is Honda CRV.

Where you want to live?

Your options are, In Delhi or New York or in Dharavi?

Of course, its Delhi or New York, I mean who wants to live in Dharavi?

Whom you want to marry?

A guy/girl with huge bank balance or a guy/girl with just there heart with themselves?

What will we do with the heart? So the answer is a guy/girl with huge bank balance.

Which type of family you want?

Options for this question are: a small one or a large one?

All will choose a small one.

So guys my point here is that size really matters for human beings.

Human beings choose the option which will give them security, money, prosperity and all other types of benefits.

So, when it comes to job, money, business then we want it to be large, huge, big etc. But when it comes to the family size, problems we rest on small and lesser etc type of options.

I think now you will get my point.

P.S.: Comments are most welcome.

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Respect Your Dreams

All of us have some dreams. And we always try to make them true.
But how many of us feel that any how we have to achieve those dreams?

Not more than 2%. So my friends i am going to disclose a very important secret in this blogpost.

For full filling our dreams first of all we should start to show some respect to our dreams. Because if you cannot respect your dreams, It implies that you don't have that enthusiasm and confidence that is very important for making your dreams come true. When we have respect for our dreams it means we also have respect for ourselves. Then we should start follow our steps, and should wait for the moment when we reach threshold. After that point everything will become yours. You will become the king of your own destiny....


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Using Technology, For Innovation

India Will Kiss The Sky,

When The Youth Will Try!

Technovating India!

"Technovating" bole to?

Technovating is a combination of two different words.

Technology + Innovating, so these two words give us the following meaning...

"Using Technology, For Innovation" **

India is starving for a revolution in the field of technology and innovation.

To make India a developed nation, we have to bear some pain. Nothing comes to you until you try for something. We need to use technology in an innovative to make our tomorrow better. We should turn our focus on our education system, judicial system, villages, employment, corruption etc.

We have many ways for technovating India, so I am describing some of them here:

We should accelerate our infrastructure development.

We should try to make education system better, so that everyone can study.

Empower villages.

Better implementation and use of RTI.

We try to make better food policy, so that no one sleeps starving.

Find ways to fight against natural calamities like drought, flood, earthquake etc.

We should encourage entrepreneurship to generate employment.

We should concentrate on mini and small scale industries, because these are the backbone of any developing nation.

We should try to make good foreign relation.

Spread Information Technology in heart of India.

And may more….

In the end I just want to say that we should start thinking about making India a developed nation.

Thanks to IIT Roorkee for choosing Technovating India as a theme for Cognizance 2010.

P.S.: Suggestion and Comments are most welcome.

** in positive manner to develop India.

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Getting Rich Is Not Everything

After birth, ever since we gain our consciousness most of us dream of getting rich.

They study to get a good job. They prepare themselves for all the restrictions that may come in the line of money and them. Getting rich becomes their first priority. In race of getting richer, they forget to enjoy every small moments of their life. They realize it when they reach a saturation level and they come across some lonely situations, they think that they leave behind some of the greatest treasure of life like Family, Friends, and Love etc.

But some of us always try to be a happy person. Money does not matter that much for them but those small sweet moments are.

So guys from that small speech I just wanted to tell you that getting rich is not the only thing in life. You should be happy too. And everyone knows their limits so no one going to get die, trying for getting rich.

So, according to me,

In the end

"Everyone get the piece from cake of Success."

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Why So Serious? Guys!

Why So Serious Fellas?

Recession will pass very soon. And all of you will got the jobs. Stop giving your life in the name of the word Recession. I felt sorry and my mouth remain wide open when i heard an Ex student of IIT ends his life because he was afraid of not getting a job. He was in depression. Some Air Hostess took up for Prostitution after getting fired by some airline.
I think these are the lamest ideas of getting rid off the money and job problems.

I want to say something to all of the people out there....

See the positive side of the recession. It will push us to make a stronger economy. A economy which will come with the recession and war proof tags. This recession makes us more responsive to all the changes happening in economy due to globalization.
This Recession had generate so many entrepreneurs, you never know may be one or some of them will hold the future of the world economy.

I hope you all are aware of this story that when Mr. N.R. Narayan Murthy did not got the job he start his own company and makes him the owner of the one of the largest IT companies in INDIA.
So don't think of getting jobs at MNC's but try to setup a MNC.

Be the Innovater and not the Follower!

And my message to the world is
"Don't be serious just enjoy the flow of life. Universe had a screen play for all of us. And we are a part of a movie named "The Universe"."
I mean Life is to short to live happy and gay...
How can one find time to get serious and lame...


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She is my strength, yet she makes my knees weak.......

Written by me....

She is my strength, yet she makes my knees weak....
She is so bitter, yet so sweet...
She is so weak, yet so strong...
She is so soft, yet so firm...
She is so damning, yet so wonderful...
She is so confused, yet so enlighten...
She is so complex, yet so simple...
She is so hardhearted, yet so caring...
She is my strength, yet she makes my knees weak....

Aal izz not well at Aal

" Har Gham Ko Pala Ni Jata,
Kanch Ki Cheezo Ko Uchala Ni Jata,
Kuch Karna Hai To Mehnat Karo Yaro,
Har Baat ko "AAL IZZ WELL" Keh Kar Tala Ni Jata!"

Ya this poetry illustrates our sense of being on the back foot always.
Why we always ignore our failures and keep saying such things like AAL IZZ WELL?
Do we really need them?

NO we just need to fight!
Fight with your inner self.. That is always try to scare you by showing you its negative side...
We tends to attract to the negatives..
Fight with Society.. Who always stood in front your ideas...
Fight with every Guy.. Who thinks you are not worth of anything..
We need to do something instead of sitting at home and say "AAL IZZ WELL"...

26/11/2008 Terrorist attack on Taj Mahal Hotel was like a bullet below the belt to the India. But in the end what happens?
We rest on our ass after making 2 days international Buzz.
Now India is approaching Pakistan to "Sit And Talk"
Is this the way of treating the trust of Billion of peoples?

That was just an example to show you our instinct of hitting back....

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What makes Girls do that?

Sometimes when i read or hear some news about sex racket busted etc. I often think what makes these girls to join prostitution?
Is it MONEY?
Well, I am Still trying to find out the exact reason behind this.

Okay we can say that the reason is one of the above but now the question is what keeps them tied up there?
This is not a fun or very good job. This is not even give mental satisfaction. This makes girls feel guilty about her.
Ever heard that a girl, just to get a chance in Hollywood movie, slept with a producer and casting director. And after that Sex session she bath for 4 hour... 4 long hour continuously. U know why?

Just to remove the imaginary or say virtual dirt she just got from those mens.
You know whose story is this?

Marlyn Monroe....
Famous and most sexiest actress of west.

P.S.: When find the reason comment here.....

Regionalism Vs Nationalism

I have a very short story to share with you..

I was traveling from Mumbai to Surat via taxi. I wanted to talk to the taxi driver and tried to ask him from where he is? but he did not answer me. After some time his Silence drives me insane. Any how i make him to stop taxi, at that time I got to know that he was mute. But The Taxi driver was pretending to be mute. I did not know that till we reached Surat. When he starts talking as soon as we reach Surat. He told me that he was from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. He said that he pretend to be mute because he do not know Marathi. Last time he speaks in Hindi, his taxi was set on fire by protesters of MNS. So according to him "It is better to be mute then speak Hindi in Maharashtra".

No body know how many common peoples in Maharashtra who pretends to be mute to save their ass from MNS.
So Mr. Raj Thackrey stop being so rude and accept north indians as your brothers and sisters. Its a humble request from us.

The Elephant And The Dragon - A Bad Combination

The Elephant And The Dragon, this phrase basically refers to the diplomatic ties between India (The Elephant) and China (The Dragon).

India got freedom in 1947 whereas China achieved freedom under Mao in 1949. So, China was two years younger than India. When China got freedom, India was economically big power than China.
But in a very short period of time, China leaves behind India in most of the areas.
India-China relationship is always like flip-flop, sometimes good and sometimes bad.
In 1962, China attack India to make knee of Indian Army weak at the Himalayan border. During that war China took hold of Tibet, India loose the game. China continuously helping out Indian enemies by providing them with the war-craft and related technologies.
A major reason of being inactive in such issues is the psyche of Indians, mostly Hindus, they are quite low in aggressiveness. Chinese on other hand are very aggressive and impulsive in nature. Chinese believes in Mao's theory "Power comes out of the barrel of the Gun". But India never shows a bit of aggressiveness.
The problem is India makes itself comfortable on the back foot and follow the dictum "Live and Let Live ". India do not have any good foreign policy regarding any country, whether it is China or Pakistan.
China outcasts India as an economic oriented nation. But there are various bad things happing in China also. Like they exploit the labor rules to manufacture huge amount of goods. Their goods are never been reliable. These product are very cheap and have very low quality.
May be today China is bigger power then India, but for how long it will be?
India may progressing slow but will win the race one day. After all there is a area where China cannot leave India behind and that is Software Industry.
To the end of this article I just want to say that India should work on its FOREIGN POLICY.

P.S.: This article is only my thoughts, your ideas may be different. I would like to get your comments on this post.