Regionalism Vs Nationalism

I have a very short story to share with you..

I was traveling from Mumbai to Surat via taxi. I wanted to talk to the taxi driver and tried to ask him from where he is? but he did not answer me. After some time his Silence drives me insane. Any how i make him to stop taxi, at that time I got to know that he was mute. But The Taxi driver was pretending to be mute. I did not know that till we reached Surat. When he starts talking as soon as we reach Surat. He told me that he was from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. He said that he pretend to be mute because he do not know Marathi. Last time he speaks in Hindi, his taxi was set on fire by protesters of MNS. So according to him "It is better to be mute then speak Hindi in Maharashtra".

No body know how many common peoples in Maharashtra who pretends to be mute to save their ass from MNS.
So Mr. Raj Thackrey stop being so rude and accept north indians as your brothers and sisters. Its a humble request from us.

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  1. the actual point is that who the hell made the people like these think that they rulers ov our destiny and what do they think ov themselves...the north Indians never set people like thakrey on fire or molested them when they entered the northern India..these people are just filth that has not been cleared off...they, these leaders, and not the people from any region , need a dose ov their own medicine...nice work bhaiya !!