What makes Girls do that?

Sometimes when i read or hear some news about sex racket busted etc. I often think what makes these girls to join prostitution?
Is it MONEY?
Well, I am Still trying to find out the exact reason behind this.

Okay we can say that the reason is one of the above but now the question is what keeps them tied up there?
This is not a fun or very good job. This is not even give mental satisfaction. This makes girls feel guilty about her.
Ever heard that a girl, just to get a chance in Hollywood movie, slept with a producer and casting director. And after that Sex session she bath for 4 hour... 4 long hour continuously. U know why?

Just to remove the imaginary or say virtual dirt she just got from those mens.
You know whose story is this?

Marlyn Monroe....
Famous and most sexiest actress of west.

P.S.: When find the reason comment here.....

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  1. First things first... Don't keep the label as "sex" only... include more words in it...

    Now as for the reason, lets divide my answer in two parts:-

    1. The Girls who become call girls or prostitutes... they have many reasons such as Adventure, Social Harassment, etc. Some times they are forced to do so.. and other times they go for it Voluntarily. One of the main reason is MONEY... because Money can buy you everything and girls find it as an easiest way.

    2. The Girls such as Marlyn Monroe...
    The only need to them is to get NAME, FAME and MONEY.. They choose a path. And then follow it. Such as they wish to become an Actress but face the reality there and then only. They have got the option - either go in bed with some biggies or go back to home. And the famous ones choose the other path.

    At the end Money is involved in both the cases. But who is getting what is not known yet...