Using Technology, For Innovation

India Will Kiss The Sky,

When The Youth Will Try!

Technovating India!

"Technovating" bole to?

Technovating is a combination of two different words.

Technology + Innovating, so these two words give us the following meaning...

"Using Technology, For Innovation" **

India is starving for a revolution in the field of technology and innovation.

To make India a developed nation, we have to bear some pain. Nothing comes to you until you try for something. We need to use technology in an innovative to make our tomorrow better. We should turn our focus on our education system, judicial system, villages, employment, corruption etc.

We have many ways for technovating India, so I am describing some of them here:

We should accelerate our infrastructure development.

We should try to make education system better, so that everyone can study.

Empower villages.

Better implementation and use of RTI.

We try to make better food policy, so that no one sleeps starving.

Find ways to fight against natural calamities like drought, flood, earthquake etc.

We should encourage entrepreneurship to generate employment.

We should concentrate on mini and small scale industries, because these are the backbone of any developing nation.

We should try to make good foreign relation.

Spread Information Technology in heart of India.

And may more….

In the end I just want to say that we should start thinking about making India a developed nation.

Thanks to IIT Roorkee for choosing Technovating India as a theme for Cognizance 2010.

P.S.: Suggestion and Comments are most welcome.

** in positive manner to develop India.

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