A small note

No matter what people tell you that you are not romantic or you are dude like..
But I know the other side of you too..
That hidden girl in you..
The girl who is so damn romantic..
You never behave so..
But still I know..

I tried..

I knew I am in love when I asked to hold your hands for the very first time..
Remember that night?
You were going home by bus
But didn't tell you..
Because perhaps I didn't know it was that deep until I felt the pain of parting from you at the railway station that day..

May be it is hard to explain..
May be I can't tell you how I feel..
It was kind of a heart-sinking feeling though..
I could physically feel that something broke in my heart..

If you would ask me reasons behind it.. may be I won't be able to describe..
May be because there is no reason at all..

Now, when I know all this..
I can't stop thinking about us..
I love you more than ever..

I know you can't love me even if you want or I want..
Because of your promises to yourself and your parents..
I know you don't feel the same way I feel about you..
But at least I want to deserve you..

I tried to move on..
I tried hitting on girls..
I tried to think about them..
Nothing worked..
I kept thinking about you..
So I decided..
I will better be with you..