We are not Indians in India

Whenever we meet someone we used to ask "from where you belong?"... but sometimes we also ask
"are you bihari?"
"are you panjabi?"
"are you gujrati?" etc...
Thats one thing... we also get answers in reply as follows....
"no no i am delhite..." or "yes i am bihari"

I want to ask you guys... is this the only identity we have left in this country?
Are we always behave like we do not belong to same nation but states?

Sometimes back a colleague at my work place asked me whether "i am bihari or a u.p. wala"? I answered that i am from Uttar Pradesh.
But later I felt that I should have show her that I am just an Indian.
I think we get used to of such things. We do not remain Indians in India anymore.

P.S.: I hope after realizing this I will able to behave a bit more like "one country man". :)

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Why men finds it hard to praise a women in real?

Men... why men do not praise women in front of them??
Whenever a women (Wife or girlfriend) ask a men to praise her beauty... they starts feeling a sudden shortage of words to describe her...
But when it comes to write something about a women... it seems like they just have only one job "Praising and describing her beauty..."

I have an example for this..
Everyone knows the Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar... who gave number of romantic songs to Indian cinema...
but do you know his wife Shabana Azmi once told on radio that "He (javed) is very bad at romancing me..."

So this statement shows that Men can write anything good about women... but can't say that on their face.

Some facts... may interests you... :

"Men often think about other beauties while writing about women but not about their wife or girlfriend.."
"It is easy to write on pages...then saying that to a women... because pages do not question back.."
"When a men writes about romance... they are referring to their fantasies but you know fantasies are not for real..."
"Half of the good things written about women belongs to FICTIONAL characters..."

I hope you will like this one... :)
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On the dance floor - Shall We

This is a story i wrote sometime back. You may find this very strange piece of work, some may feel this is incomplete... but i left that part on my readers... what they interpret with this... so everybody gonna be happy..

Story goes as follows:

On the dance floor, in the night club.
Monika was alone along with a herd of humans. Dancing humans.
She came there with her best friend who thinks “I care for her, the most.”…"But Monika was heartbroken; her friend does not know this and is enjoying the fumes of cigarette smoke…”
A guy wearing a black blazer and blue jeans was watching her…since she came in… She noticed that, but could not process the signals.
He came over to dance floor and moves closer to her step by step 

Raz: “Shall we?”
Monika: “Ummm… I don’t know…”
Raz: “C’mon girl… I won’t hurt you…”
She gave her hand… he holds it softly… and put another on her back…
DJ changed the song and both start flowing with the music.
“I am Raz…”
She did not respond.
“You dance well.”
No response.
“I want to see you naked…”
She loosens herself... from his arms.
He does not stop her.
She comes down from dance floor to get the drinks.
He came up and asks “I am sorry, I should not have said that.”
No response.
And both walked out of the night club...

P.S. : so what happen next??

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She Is The Reason

This is the result of day dreaming...

She is the reason I live…
She is the treasure I found…
She is the air I breathe…
She is everything what is meant for me…
She is the smile of my face…
She is the tears of my eyes…
She is the love of my life…
She is the one I am crazy for…

P.S.: I hope she will like this...

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Five reasons why a guy should take relationship advice from a guy:

Sometimes you had and you will find some girls blabbing about differences between a boy and a girl’s thinking and such girls often say that never take a relationship advice from a boy.

I have some reasons to prove them all wrong and only boys gonna agree with me because girls have the problem known as “I am always right.”
So here are those five reasons:

1.       Guys are so awe…some…
2.       They do not pretend in front of their friends during serious talks like relationship or politics.
3.       Guys have one thing common… their EGO, so if there are some ego clashes between you and your girl… you will get the answer of your choice.
4.        If you cry in front of a guy… he won’t hug you and say stop crying dear… you know crying helps.
5.       Guys give the easiest way out when you are in any confusion… like “Dump her man… there are lots of fish in this ocean.” Or like “She was not meant for you dude…common move on man…”

I wish girls too like this… LOL…

Steve Job's Next Big Job - Apple's Clothing Line:iWear

Some may feel surprised and some may feel excited.
Some may feel jitters and some may feel apple.

Yes guys..  here is Apples' next big product launch. And I bet you...everybody will want this...
So here it is...Apple is all set to launch its first ever clothing line...and they gonna call it... any guesses???
"iWear"...with the slogan line as "Be like Steve"
The iWear line will consist of a mock black turtleneck, jeans, gray New Balance 991 sneakers, and a pair of non-prescription Steve Jobs-style glasses.

If you haven't realized by now (and I hope you have), this is just another joke from Scoopertino, a Mac satire news site.
how was it????