We are not Indians in India

Whenever we meet someone we used to ask "from where you belong?"... but sometimes we also ask
"are you bihari?"
"are you panjabi?"
"are you gujrati?" etc...
Thats one thing... we also get answers in reply as follows....
"no no i am delhite..." or "yes i am bihari"

I want to ask you guys... is this the only identity we have left in this country?
Are we always behave like we do not belong to same nation but states?

Sometimes back a colleague at my work place asked me whether "i am bihari or a u.p. wala"? I answered that i am from Uttar Pradesh.
But later I felt that I should have show her that I am just an Indian.
I think we get used to of such things. We do not remain Indians in India anymore.

P.S.: I hope after realizing this I will able to behave a bit more like "one country man". :)

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  1. Correct examples included.
    I actually don't like such peoples.
    On one side they show their supports towards their community people and on the other side they used to talk bitching things even about their community people.

  2. yeah... that's true...
    I think they are just some selfish peoples who try to take advantages by mind washing in the name of separatism etc.

    (finger) to them...

  3. Which country sir? This question makes me sick sometime.
    Very good point.

  4. @ Fis -- Thanks for appreciation bro... :)