The darkness of love

At first, the guy who don’t have any girlfriend, used to think…”Girls go with the guy who have lot of money to spent on her, a bike to give her a ride, good clothes and nice body to show off etc.”
When he had our big bang crush on some girl, who is also his good friend, he used to think… “Telling her my feelings can ruin our friend ship”. That’s why he keeps his love to himself only and don’t try to tell her anything. Resulting he fail to make his first crush the last crush.
When he falls in love, life seems at its best. Nothing bothers him. Neither tantrums of his mom and dad nor studies. After spending entire day with her... it feels very bad to leave her in the end of the day at her stop to home. Whole night he keeps thinking about her, texting her about how much he is missing her, how much he love her, how beautiful she looks when she gets angry, he can do anything for her smile... He fell in love with everything she has and she used to do. Her hairs, her eyes, her lips, the movies she likes, the game she plays etc.
As relationship matures, boy kept falling until he reaches the dark trench where just he and his girlfriend are together and no one around. He has left contact with the guys he used to call his best buddies. He doesn’t talk to his mom anymore. But she is happy because he is studying now, his girl makes him study the subject he hates and ignored once back.
His life going like a fairy tale until the letter ‘C’ comes to haunt him. She asks for commitment and the boy find himself fighting for making a good and sensible sentence but he fails. In the end girl starts crying which left her looking so adorable. He hugs her and gives her assurance that he won’t leave her for anything.
Time goes on and now this is about career. As expected, the girl is very clear about her career and too focused to achieve this. But the boy never took his career seriously despite of having altercation with the girl so many times on this topic.
Girl got the offer from a MNC for the job in marketing. Boy still fighting the rat race. After training she left for France to attain the position she got the job for. She had to do that. After all she fights hard to get this job.
 Distances creates great wall of suspicion in the both of minds. She suddenly makes a visit to India and break up with the guy on the note of getting frustrated with this whole idea of Long Distance Relationship. “It did not work for them”. He pleaded in front of her for not to leave him like that. But she just listens to her mind.
Now he is alone, in the darkness of the ditch, where he goes with someone he loved, he cared about. Now he don’t have anyone left around him but darkness. The darkness of love.
He tries to win her heart back… but failed.
He tries to kill himself… but failed.
He thinks to kill her… but failed.
After six months he got the call from her. He answers coldly. She tell him that she got engaged a guy from her office and getting married in next month.
He kept the phone…
Take a paper and a pen and starts writing… It reads,
Life goes on a full circle. Later I used to think girls run after money and now after getting madly in love and getting ditched I end up thinking that girls really run after money. I can’t take this anymore. I want to say something for you.
He put that note on the table and left the room.
That was a new beginning of a guy… tougher… smarter… and a playboy.

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