Rape in Return...

Saina Nehwal
Today I read another shocking rape story while I was reading Times of India's e-paper. As I open it's front page... My eyes falls on what Saina Nehwal has achieved. It is nice to read that she won Hong Kong Super Series Title after beating Asian Cup winner in the finals..
And just in a moment my eyes make their way to the another news, which reads "Girl gang-raped as 600 cops hunt car in vain" I could not stop myself reading this.
And after reading the full news i felt ashamed and really bad.
I mean what kind of society we are trying to make?
Why we are trying to make Delhi a world class city?
What men are trying to prove by raping girls?

If men do this to cool-down their urge to sex then go to the brothels damn it...! why making it worse for women to live here peacefully.
And if men are trying to prove their superiority then I want to say that "They already have lost it by showing such a horrid mind set about girls."

Girls like Saina nehwal are making our country proud and we are stabbing in the India's back by Raping, Beating, Exploiting an Integrable part of India the women.

They are earning respect for us and we are disrespecting them.
They are giving us hope and we are giving them "RAPE IN RETURN"....

This is a very sad thing that our police system took two hours to nail the guys who abducted the girl even after getting informed about the matter.
We need some changes in India... and definitely... Social Changes too.

I just wish that these changes take place as soon as possible...

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