WGCTYL - Protocols

WGCTYL Protocols stands for WHEN GIRL COMES TO YOUR LIFE Protocols.

We all know that when a girl comes in our life they never come alone. They always carry some set of rules with themselves. And after getting entry into your life, their first job is to train the guys for the life ahead as a boyfriend.  Every day and night they use to think about, How to apply WGCTYL Protocol in your life. And if they do not succeed in that then How to enforce those rule in your life.

The intensity and size of these rules may vary from girl to girl. According to some girls these rules are a way of keeping their boyfriends from other girls as far as possible, while some girls use these rules for sucking up the family as well as professional life of the boy.

So the point is every boy should be beware of these things and should consider the consequences of getting into a relation.

Going to appear in IISc Banglore Test

I am going to Banglore for the test and interview of IISc Banglore.

Wish me all the best..

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A problem occur to me when i tried to change my blog url/address using blogger dashboard settings option. When i was changing the url, did a mistake that i stopped the ongoing process by clicking on the browser's cancel button. Due to which url got changed in GFC but not in blogger.
When i open my blog i got the following error at the place of Follower widget:

Webmaster hint: Please ensure that "Friend Connect Settings - Home URL" matches the URL of this site.
Then i did lot of searching and stuff. I just got more questions but no answers.
After that when i got the trail of the reason.. I start repeating the process again.

Thanks for listening to my story, the solution to this problem is very simple...

Change your url/address. But this time do not stop the process in the middle.


15 Minutes Of That Day

In the starting of summer of 2006, something strange and shocking happened. I had AIEEE exam on 30th April and that has to be start at 9 a.m. Examination center was a public school in sector 28 in NOIDA. I left home early so that I can reach the center as soon as possible. Well any how I reached there on time and gave exam calmly. At 4.30 I left the center and reach the nearby bus stop. I was waiting for the bus which can take me to Ghaziabad but that day it did not showed up. And from that place I could not even took the auto because auto stand was quite far from that place. So I decided to take the lift to reach sec- 62. I was showing my hand off to the cars and bikes that passing by.
After 15 minutes a car slowed down and stopped at about 3 meters ahead of me. A guy came out of it and said “Hey buddy! Do you want Lift?” As soon as I heard those words I thanked god and said “Yes!” And in the next moment I was in his car. He introduced himself to me so I too introduced myself to him. He was a fashion designer and was working for a company in NOIDA. When he told me that, only one thing came to my mind “Is this guy a Gay like most of other fashion designers?” But I gave that thought a break and start enjoying the soothing music that was played in the car. I was lost with the music. I came back from my dreams when he put his hand on my thighs and said “Want to join me for a cup of coffee at my place?” I was shocked. I had watched so many films and know what that invitation meant. In just two seconds, I had to make a solid fake reason to say No to him. I could not do anything because I was in his car. So I said “Dear I love too, But….” after a pause “My girl friend is waiting for me at Sec 62”.
And Guys may be you never believe me but I was safe. After that excuse, he did not say a word and keep driving the car and drop me on my destination. When we reach sec 62 I moved out of car and said thanks then he left without replying. I hope I did not break his dreams of getting laid with a commuter that too was a man himself.
As soon as he left I ran on my ass and as fast as I could. Took auto and left for the home. I reached home at 8 pm. In the night I was thinking about that 15 minute journey and a never happened before experience and fall asleep. Then I never took any lift like that.

This story is a piece of fiction. This piece of work does not belong to any other incident or person. If it may happen then it will be entertained just as a coincidence.