WGCTYL - Protocols

WGCTYL Protocols stands for WHEN GIRL COMES TO YOUR LIFE Protocols.

We all know that when a girl comes in our life they never come alone. They always carry some set of rules with themselves. And after getting entry into your life, their first job is to train the guys for the life ahead as a boyfriend.  Every day and night they use to think about, How to apply WGCTYL Protocol in your life. And if they do not succeed in that then How to enforce those rule in your life.

The intensity and size of these rules may vary from girl to girl. According to some girls these rules are a way of keeping their boyfriends from other girls as far as possible, while some girls use these rules for sucking up the family as well as professional life of the boy.

So the point is every boy should be beware of these things and should consider the consequences of getting into a relation.

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