Five reasons why a guy should take relationship advice from a guy:

Sometimes you had and you will find some girls blabbing about differences between a boy and a girl’s thinking and such girls often say that never take a relationship advice from a boy.

I have some reasons to prove them all wrong and only boys gonna agree with me because girls have the problem known as “I am always right.”
So here are those five reasons:

1.       Guys are so awe…some…
2.       They do not pretend in front of their friends during serious talks like relationship or politics.
3.       Guys have one thing common… their EGO, so if there are some ego clashes between you and your girl… you will get the answer of your choice.
4.        If you cry in front of a guy… he won’t hug you and say stop crying dear… you know crying helps.
5.       Guys give the easiest way out when you are in any confusion… like “Dump her man… there are lots of fish in this ocean.” Or like “She was not meant for you dude…common move on man…”

I wish girls too like this… LOL…

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