Why men finds it hard to praise a women in real?

Men... why men do not praise women in front of them??
Whenever a women (Wife or girlfriend) ask a men to praise her beauty... they starts feeling a sudden shortage of words to describe her...
But when it comes to write something about a women... it seems like they just have only one job "Praising and describing her beauty..."

I have an example for this..
Everyone knows the Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar... who gave number of romantic songs to Indian cinema...
but do you know his wife Shabana Azmi once told on radio that "He (javed) is very bad at romancing me..."

So this statement shows that Men can write anything good about women... but can't say that on their face.

Some facts... may interests you... :

"Men often think about other beauties while writing about women but not about their wife or girlfriend.."
"It is easy to write on pages...then saying that to a women... because pages do not question back.."
"When a men writes about romance... they are referring to their fantasies but you know fantasies are not for real..."
"Half of the good things written about women belongs to FICTIONAL characters..."

I hope you will like this one... :)
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