The Elephant And The Dragon - A Bad Combination

The Elephant And The Dragon, this phrase basically refers to the diplomatic ties between India (The Elephant) and China (The Dragon).

India got freedom in 1947 whereas China achieved freedom under Mao in 1949. So, China was two years younger than India. When China got freedom, India was economically big power than China.
But in a very short period of time, China leaves behind India in most of the areas.
India-China relationship is always like flip-flop, sometimes good and sometimes bad.
In 1962, China attack India to make knee of Indian Army weak at the Himalayan border. During that war China took hold of Tibet, India loose the game. China continuously helping out Indian enemies by providing them with the war-craft and related technologies.
A major reason of being inactive in such issues is the psyche of Indians, mostly Hindus, they are quite low in aggressiveness. Chinese on other hand are very aggressive and impulsive in nature. Chinese believes in Mao's theory "Power comes out of the barrel of the Gun". But India never shows a bit of aggressiveness.
The problem is India makes itself comfortable on the back foot and follow the dictum "Live and Let Live ". India do not have any good foreign policy regarding any country, whether it is China or Pakistan.
China outcasts India as an economic oriented nation. But there are various bad things happing in China also. Like they exploit the labor rules to manufacture huge amount of goods. Their goods are never been reliable. These product are very cheap and have very low quality.
May be today China is bigger power then India, but for how long it will be?
India may progressing slow but will win the race one day. After all there is a area where China cannot leave India behind and that is Software Industry.
To the end of this article I just want to say that India should work on its FOREIGN POLICY.

P.S.: This article is only my thoughts, your ideas may be different. I would like to get your comments on this post.

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