In True Love! It Happens...

When you are in True Love, IT HAPPENS....

  • Everything seems to be perfect.
  • You only need him/her for your living.
  • "Pretty Woman", "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Namastey London" turns into your some of the best movies.
  • You will start listening to slow songs.
  • You will find yourself smiling when you listen to him/her.
  • Girl will start imagining the guy she love, everywhere around her.
  • She will feel all hugs and kisses that the guy give her, even over phone or messages.
  • Boys stops staring on other girls.
  • Heart starts beating faster and faster when he/she is around there or even in thoughts.
  • You will read his/her SMSs over and over again.
  • He/ She will become all you think about.
  • She will starts laughing on every stupid joke you crack.
  • He can do anything for just see a smile on her face.
  • And Last one from the movie Kal Ho Na Ho "You will start liking Red color."
P.S.: We cannot escape them. We cannot ignore them. We cannot forget them.

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