10 Golden rules to Wander around....

Wandering around is my hobby since when i was a kid.
Now i am a professional in this. And the word for this profession may be "Wanderluster".
It makes me very happy.
My book on this topic a about publish in coming year.
So, being a professional guy, I am here to give you some Tips/ Points to Remember.

As follows:

1. You should not have any priori knowledge of the place you going to travel.

2. Stuff in your bag should not be more than following items:
  • Two pair of clothes.
  • A sheet or a quilt.
  • A water bottle.
  • SWISS ARMY Knife.
  • A novel.
  • Daily usable items like toothpaste, brush, soap etc.
3. If you going out with a travelling partner, make sure his/her temperament matches your or should be optimal. Otherwise they can make you, either suicidal or murder him/her.

4. Never hire a guide. Always ask your queries from the local peoples. They will tell you the actual truth about the places, history of places etc.
And its even better if you can make them friends. Stay at their places. It will help you to reduce travel expenses.

5. Not taking the map of the place will increase your excitement substantially.

6. Try to find out some prior contacts of a friend or relative or friend of friend and so on. Stay at their place, having home food will be good for your health and even for your pockets.

7. You should walk the roads instead of taking rickshaw or auto. You can observe nature more closely this way.

8. Most important, never carry your mobile with you. Think of this, you are talking to a nice local girl and your phone starts ringing, and the call is from your girlfriend. Who wants to get disturb on those amazing trips.
And after all finding a P.C.O. in emergency is more fun than calling from cellphone.

9. Don't dare to take lift from any girl or women, they never can be a good driver.

10. Last but not the least, Wear a nice and comfy pair of shoes.

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  1. Nice tips buddy.....
    specially 8 and 9....

    This shows the real experience of a real wanderer...
    I m waiting for your Book....