Aal izz not well at Aal

" Har Gham Ko Pala Ni Jata,
Kanch Ki Cheezo Ko Uchala Ni Jata,
Kuch Karna Hai To Mehnat Karo Yaro,
Har Baat ko "AAL IZZ WELL" Keh Kar Tala Ni Jata!"

Ya this poetry illustrates our sense of being on the back foot always.
Why we always ignore our failures and keep saying such things like AAL IZZ WELL?
Do we really need them?

NO we just need to fight!
Fight with your inner self.. That is always try to scare you by showing you its negative side...
We tends to attract to the negatives..
Fight with Society.. Who always stood in front your ideas...
Fight with every Guy.. Who thinks you are not worth of anything..
We need to do something instead of sitting at home and say "AAL IZZ WELL"...

26/11/2008 Terrorist attack on Taj Mahal Hotel was like a bullet below the belt to the India. But in the end what happens?
We rest on our ass after making 2 days international Buzz.
Now India is approaching Pakistan to "Sit And Talk"
Is this the way of treating the trust of Billion of peoples?

That was just an example to show you our instinct of hitting back....

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