Getting Rich Is Not Everything

After birth, ever since we gain our consciousness most of us dream of getting rich.

They study to get a good job. They prepare themselves for all the restrictions that may come in the line of money and them. Getting rich becomes their first priority. In race of getting richer, they forget to enjoy every small moments of their life. They realize it when they reach a saturation level and they come across some lonely situations, they think that they leave behind some of the greatest treasure of life like Family, Friends, and Love etc.

But some of us always try to be a happy person. Money does not matter that much for them but those small sweet moments are.

So guys from that small speech I just wanted to tell you that getting rich is not the only thing in life. You should be happy too. And everyone knows their limits so no one going to get die, trying for getting rich.

So, according to me,

In the end

"Everyone get the piece from cake of Success."

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