Size Size Size! Yes It Matters...

In the winters of 2010, Infosys came on our campus for pool selection.

During the presentation session they (INFOSYS guys) showed us a video with a title "Does Size Matter?", As soon as that title flash on the wall, all of us started laughing (you know why we all laugh?, well you are quite intelligent guys, so F.I.Y.). Well that was rude from the INFOSYS point of view. But we enjoyed that part of presentation.

In the evening when result came out, I was not selected for the interview, but all of my friends got selected, at that very moment I cursed myself. Result declaration goes on for 2 minutes more. Those two minutes was some of the worst two minutes of my life. But as result announcement ends, my friends came to me and hugged me tightly. Then I thought that, this is all right. At least my friends got selected, because they are some of those people in my life, I cared a lot for.

When I came home that title keep flashing in my mind. I keep thinking about that title.... I thought….

Is it really true?

Does size really matters that much?

And from the next day I started researching about the real effect of size on our mind...

After a long research I found some good results and made a conclusion that "Yes! Size really matters a lot!"

Not believing me? I can prove it!

Just think about what I going to ask you guys...

Where you want do the job?

Is it in a MNC (Multi-National Company) and a LC (Local Company)?

Well I know your answer, and that is a MNC.

What you want to drive?

Is it a Honda CRV or Tata NANO?

I know no one wants that small and creepy car, so the answer is Honda CRV.

Where you want to live?

Your options are, In Delhi or New York or in Dharavi?

Of course, its Delhi or New York, I mean who wants to live in Dharavi?

Whom you want to marry?

A guy/girl with huge bank balance or a guy/girl with just there heart with themselves?

What will we do with the heart? So the answer is a guy/girl with huge bank balance.

Which type of family you want?

Options for this question are: a small one or a large one?

All will choose a small one.

So guys my point here is that size really matters for human beings.

Human beings choose the option which will give them security, money, prosperity and all other types of benefits.

So, when it comes to job, money, business then we want it to be large, huge, big etc. But when it comes to the family size, problems we rest on small and lesser etc type of options.

I think now you will get my point.

P.S.: Comments are most welcome.

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