The Life Long Dream

Life is such a dream like sequence. It is neither true nor false.
A lot of uncontrolled events happen in our life and so in our dreams. We flow with it, along the stream of a myth that it really exist, that everything, every event is true. We are not sure of it or are we? What is truth? Do you know anything that will prove to be true? Truth is what, which do not change with different seasons, in different circumstances or for different people.

But this world does change, these people do die and we do change our self for different people and different occasions, do you agree with me? So how can, what we see here with our foolish eyes, stated as to be truth? What we really see is not truth.
Did you ever go for a morning walk? Yes, you do? Isn't it always nice to see nice green fields around, it calm our eyes, No? Okay so do one thing, whenever you will go for next walk, try to go close to that green fields, close enough to see, small insects, animals, creeping in the grass you have just walked upon. Then you will understand what truth is and what myth is.

This life is not that truth, go inside yourself and ask what you are? You are made of the same thing that everybody made of. That is truth.
Life is what we just perceive to be happening.
The most terrible part of life is we cannot control everything just like in dreams we cannot control anything. Either we should embrace whatever is going on or expect thing to turn around and make you happy.

"Life and dreams both evolves from us... Neither they are true nor false... Life can be lived in a moment, in a minute, in an hour or in entire life and similarly dreams..."

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