The Best Teacher For A Man

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Wikipedia defines women as a FEMALE HUMAN. But she is a lot more than that.

Many of us think we are born intelligent but we forget that at every turn of our life there was a girl, a woman who was making our life easier for us. Women are the best teacher we have on this earth. She teaches us so many things that we use throughout our life. She makes a man out of a boy. She makes us mature. She makes us gentleman. She makes us human being. She makes us what we are.

Women have the ability to transform a man. At every stage of our life she teaches us many lessons and gives us energy to thrive. They teach us about sacrifice and how to survive it. She keeps teaching us different lessons as a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife and daughter.

When we were just born she, as a mother teaches us how to drink milk from her breast. When we grow up a little she teaches us how to eat, drink, talk etc. When we grow up a bit more, she gives us lesson on how to behave. Sister teaches us that girls are so fragile, talk to them nicely. Then she comes in our life as a girlfriend and transforms a mama’s boy into an independent chap. She teaches us how to love, how to live. She helps us finding goal of our life. If she leaves us, she teaches us how to survive in bad moments, how to survive breakups and the most important one don’t love someone more than yourself. As a wife she teaches us what responsibility is, what is home, what is money etc. then she becomes your life long teacher. As a daughter she teaches us about the new generation, and what’s going on out there. She tells us about her mother etc. When she becomes a woman herself we realize what a father of a girl feels, when she gets married and leaves home.
 Being a teacher she just asks for some care and love from us and sometimes we cannot even give them simple touch that.

P.S.: Don’t be surprised it’s me Prabhat, writing all this. “You Know What I Mean”. Comments are most welcome.

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  1. hats off 2 u!
    the best post of ur blog!
    gud dear..

  2. very very very good........ but i am offended.... there is no place for a friend???????
    mujhse atleast ladna to seekha hi hai tu....