CVC Report - Another Corruption Scandal Rocks India

India Gate, Delhi 

So once again Delhi CWG Organizing Committee and Delhi are in news... All for no good reasons... Once again it happened and everyone in this world got to know that “In-India-Pay-And-Do-Whatever-You-Want-To-Do”. Once again we the people fall for officials promises. Once again Delhi must be feeling ashamed. Once again Congress Government must be getting all jitters. Once again there is an outcry of the conspiracy.

Oh Lord! Once again… what is happing all around? Can’t we do one thing right, in place? Go to Delhi and watch… it changes a lot… You will see broken buildings… roads… footpaths etc. nothing is in place. Please you grownup leaders and officials…. Please focus on games and wish our athletes do perform well there.

I just wish CWG goes well because officials are saying that “Rain can ruin the games”. Please be prepared for that in advance, because even we cannot stop a natural thing.

P.S.: All the Best Delhi…

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