Some Tips on The First Date For Boys

No matter how, when and where you meet her; in college/class, in a bar/disco or after getting fixed by a common friend, you should keep some things in your mind for your first date. These are pretty common things but we forget some of them and end up in nowhere but with a bad memory.

Dress well: A dressed guy is always a dream for a girl. Because it shows that the guy is quite disciplined. And you know girls like such boys.
      Watch her actions: A girl may try to hide it but if the guy gives attention to what she is doing or behaving, it can help him a lot. For e.g.; if she is looking for the waiter more often then believe me she is not interested in your talks and you should change the topic. Etc.
      Try casual talks: No one wants to talk about work or office on the first meeting unless you are on your official visit. So try out some casual topics like; what she does in her spare time? Talk about fun things like bungee jumping, travelling, Xbox etc.
      Ask her hobbies and interests: You can get a lot to talk about by asking about her interests. You can also get to know what are common in you.
      Check her sense of humor: Girl with a bad or low sense of humor is strict no-no. If a girl can’t laugh on your jokes then you should leave her on her own and stop thinking about her.
      Don’t stare on her boobs: Knowingly or unknowingly, once in a while our eyes falls on them but remove your eyes as soon as possible or before she notice. Not doing so can make her think “what type of guy he is? Staring on my boobs.” And she will turn off.

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