Some Silly Mistakes, Boys Often Do And Then Regret...

Hey! Guys today, once again I am going to tell you how to behave with girls. So here I go…

First thing that should be kept in mind while talking to a girl is that
“Don’t make her fun in front of your friends or her friends or other people.”
It may shatter her heart and spoil your image (if any) in her eyes.

Most of the guys do that because they do not think much before saying, and then regret later on. Yes this is true that she will forgive you for your mistakes but not every time dudes. So, if you really love her or even like her do not ever practice such things. Yes if you just flirting around the city then it is fine and I must say that, it is good if you want to breakup with her.

Second thing is that 
“Never tell a girl that she is useless in anyway.” 
Girls are the most fragile creature god has ever create, and to worsen the situation; god gave her responsibility to the most ‘irresponsible and foolish’ living being on earth. God acts so funny sometimes.

My point is that girls have very fragile heart so handle that with care. Else you will apologize for it in your life. Saying that she is useless is one of the most immature and harsh thing you will ever do to her.
So please dear friends don’t break her heart by such silly mistakes that can be easily vetoed by using very small portion of your brain.

P.S.: Missed me? So I am back with my new post for you, my readers. Your comments are most welcome here.


  1. Really a nice post again....
    Yeah we were missing your blogs and you too.
    Your both point are exactly true what a girl really dont want???
    she actually dont like if her bf make fun in front their friends or her friends...
    Even guys dont like if she will do the same...
    Second one is also really a good point..
    she hates to hear that she is useless when you

  2. :)
    experience se bola ya dil se????