I Felt Earthquake Tremors Tonight In Ghaziabad

Tonight on 10:00, I was trying to sleep as I was very tired. But some thoughts in my mind kept me awake. I was thinking about the whole day and about my final year project. As I was about to sleep something strange happened to me, which I have never expected. I was in the first stage of falling asleep, I suddenly felt like someone moving my bed. I open my eyes and look around my bed, but no one was there. I got up quickly. In just 4 or 5 seconds it was clear that no one was moving my bed but it was a slight earthquake. My heart was pounding very fast. I put my hand on my heart to feel my heartbeats. They were not normal as always but very short lived. I call out by brother and asked him about all that happen, when he conform the same I reached the conclusion and we all came out of rooms and sit in our front yard. My mom starts telling us her past encounters with quakes.
After spending 2 hours there we went to sleep in our rooms. But I am still unable to sleep. So thought why don’t write a blog on this.

May be you did not felt that, but I do. That's why sharing my experience here.

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