What a Girl Want?

A huge and an unanswered question that wander the mind of most of the boys and men is:

"What a girl or a women want?"

This is a million dollar question in the head of every male species I think, and can leave any man puzzled. Every single male on this earth, has this question in deep of his heart that “what exactly a woman wants?”, because having relation with someone has not any meaning if he don’t understand her. Initially they do try to find out the answer but most of them do not get success in this riddle and left battle field just trying one or two times. Those peoples end up in unhealthy and awful relation with their partner. Well answer to this question is not very difficult and many guys even got to know the answer with the time. Only those people know the answer, which do not left the arena of solving the most confusing and typical riddle god has ever made “THE WOMAN”. I solved the riddle a little soon so sharing my views here……
I have a very straightforward answer for this question and that is,
“Every girl love to be loved by her love.”- Prabhat Singh

And this is true… For a girl, there is nothing important more than getting love from the person who she thinks will become the man of her life.

Too many guys may say that they just want huge bank balance, a BMW, a bungalow at Aurangzeb road etc. If they are saying so then they have experienced a wrong girl. And use to call these girls slut. Here is a simple thing I want to ask you guys don’t you ever think of having a huge bungalow, a Ferrari etc, so why calling a girl having such dream, a slut?
I just want to say that we should know that the first priority in girl’s life is getting love, and other things came afterwards.

So go and love your girl like you have never done before…

P.S.: Hey! Guys don’t get me wrong; I am just telling you what I have felt. Comment are most welcome and would increase my confidence in writing.

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