A movie or a riddle?

I must say "A riddle".
I am talking about a movie called "No Smoking".
It seldom happens that, each time you watch movie, you end up with different conclusions in the end.
It seldom happens that, each time you find some new detail, that you haven't noticed last time.
It seldom happens that, you can quote a movie as "A Riddle".
Based on an very abstract story Quitter's Inc. written by Stephen King, No Smoking takes that story to another level of abstraction.

I have seen that movie many times, just to play within the puzzle Anurag Kashyap has had created for it's viewers.
I find myself lost in the scenes.
So let's talk about riddles...
Riddle One, "No Smoking, as it's name says, Is this encourages you to quit smoking or it provokes you to do it more?"
Riddle Two, "Paresh Rawal's character.."
Riddle Three, " K, the protagonist, being soulless..."
Well you have to watch this film for a MIND BLOWING experience.

How often such a film got produce in India.
The irony is, we liked Inception, we loved Matrix, but we do not accept an India made film up to that level.

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