The Money Collector

He put a key into the key hole and twist is a bit, but lock remains unlocked. He tried same with another key and the result was same.

Sam enters into that old filthy office and saw him.

“Those keys won’t work in that box, try this one.” Sam said and throws a key chain towards him.
He catches it and goes through the same process again.

This time, the key worked. He opened the box. It was full on gold coins.
He looks at the guy who gave him the key, to say thanks. Sam was lying on the floor dead, with a small hole in his head.

He thought his end is near. He collected every coin and tried to run.
Money collector was standing on the gate. Pistol with a silencer on the barrel was in his hand. Pistol was smoking.

Sound of coins falling on floor followed a sound of broken skull and a fountain of blood makes stains on the wall.
Money Collector smiled. He did his job perfectly.

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