She was crying; But he was not there

Winter had just started. Slight cold breeze mixed with the fragrance of jasmine was filling her nose small and cute nose. She was taking longer breaths than normal ones. Mona was standing beside the bench in the park. Moonlight falling on her face was making it glow more than the moon itself. This new moon too had water on its surface.
Sid was standing just two meters away from Mona. Facing her back, he couldn’t see her face, same applies to her. He was looking pathetic in her Lenin trouser and cotton shirt that he was since the day they last met. He didn’t shave his beard since two weeks, had dark circles, hairs were trying to poke into his eyes. His eyes were dry, so did his throat. He tried to put a step forward towards Mona.
“Stop right there...” she said in a trembling voice. But she wasn’t crying. She knew how to behave. She knew what to do. She knew his touch can make her change that decision. She knew; he just needs to give her a hug and a kiss to melt her wax solid heart.
He followed her command. He was confused.
“We cannot go through like this. It has to end. I told you before and I am telling you again ‘I am not made for you’. Go make a life of yours. Make something good out of you. You will get better girls than me.”
“But what will I do with them? I love you and cannot love anyone else.” He did not want to say anything else. He knew that the end was near. He knew she was there for the last time and this is it. Few more moments.
I am going to pursue my dreams. I am going to become an astronaut. I am going to NASA. It’s like my dream for me. You were part of that beautiful dream and I want to remember you as a beautiful memory.”
Those were few lines that he could think of from their last meeting… and those lines were banging in his head since last two weeks. He wanted her to stay but he knew he couldn’t as that was what she dreamt of and not him.
She did not even look back to his face. She knew that it will make him weaker.
She said “It’s over. And it’s over for life. We can be friends but not lovers.”
There was no reply.
“I hope you will understand that it’s not easy for me too. May be this is what written in our destiny. But you will always be the most beautiful memory of my life.” She expected a reply after this.
But there was no reply.
She said “Say something…” but something strange happened. Her wax solid heart did melt. Without any hug or a kiss. She broke down. She was expecting a shoulder to cry on. But expectations do not become reality every time.
She looked back and was dumbfounded. He was not there.
May be he had already seen the end of the relation. And he did not want to go through all that. May be was a coward who ran from the situation. May be he had someone else as backup he was just showing off. May be he was so brave who left his life in the park that night. May be he had a heart to care only about her future, think about her dreams. May be he had those last expectations that she will come back.
Nothing matters now… She was crying… and he was not there.

P.S. : Fiction. Do comments. :) 

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