The Pillow And The Traveler

Sameer was leaving home tonight for his adventure journey.  He was late and did not packed his bag on time. Now he was in haste and was very furious. His mother did all packing for him. In all the stuff she packed for him… there was a pillow that was taking a lot of space. Looking at that… Sameer said, “Mom! Why you put this pillow… I don’t want this and also it is taking a lot of space. How would I take this on tracking?”
His mother said, ”Sameer, don’t take it as burden. It will help you in many ways.”
“In what ways Mom?” he said with angry tone.
“I can give you three most important reasons to put this in your bag.”
“And what are they?”
First: Whenever you miss me or your girlfriend hug it tight with eyes closed you will feel better.
Second: Whenever you feel frustrated or bad, punch it, fight it…. Pillow won’t fight back.
Third: When you feel tired and messed up… put your head on it and rest.
Fourth: When you feel like crying… cry on it, it will absorb all your tears.”
“Oh! I love you mom… you care for me so much. Sorry for my behavior”
“It’s ok son. Mom always does care. Take care!”

P.S.: Nothing can match Mom’s care.


  1. sir its ws very sweet!!!!!!!!!!mum always care 4 us...luv u ma........:))

  2. No one can ever replace mum's love...
    Thanks for the comment