A Strategy of Wining most medals in Common Wealth Games

Many of us may abuse the politicians and construction companies daily, because of the bad and corrupt work they did so far for one of the most eagerly waited event in Delhi… yes I think u got which event I am talking about… I am talking about Common Wealth Games…

I think Indian Politicians got the new and most easy way of wining most gold medals in the coming CWG event. Their Strategy is similar to the Virus’s strategy in 3 idiots… Remove your competitor from the competitions and u will win the game.

 Same thing is happening in Delhi. CWG organizing committee makes the event location and the games village in a way that all the other countries will back out after reviewing the conditions of stadiums, poor security, filthy roads and dengue. Resulting, most of the countries may go to back out from the CWG-2010. And this way India will win the highest number of medals in CWG… It may even create a world record… hehe…

I am not criticizing the government but showing the other side of story and optimism in a funnier way. I hope you guys won’t mind my writing.

P.S.: I am proud Indian but I am not proud of what is going on in country.

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