Kill that larger than life ego

Every woman already knows it and every man will know it after reading this.

What is in there? Why a man doesn’t say sorry so often? Why a man keep saying that he don’t love her even he knows it is all wrong? Why words about his ego make him so furious like hell?

Sometimes even MAN do not have the answers to the above questions. But the guy, who has really goes deep to his heart in search of his lost love, knows it all. So many times it happens that a man do not go back to her GF just because he thinks that it will hurt his self respect, but the thing he cares about is not his self respect but the huge male ego. And when he gets it in his head all he have is invitation of her marriage ceremony. Hehe… no that’s not funny… I was just making it lighter. So I was saying that it’s not so big deal if a boy goes to her and fetch her back from all the boundaries she have.

You know it’s funny when a man says he is not egoist, because every man has it… low or high, but it is always there with him.

Ego born with a man, and keeps on increasing with his age and dies with him in the deathbed. 

P.S.: I do have it... ;)


  1. i love dis 1....compltely true....
    ur improving each day....

  2. Thanks dost... :)
    all credit goes to you...