I don't eat Watermelon (Tarbooz)

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Today i want to confess something...
That I don't eat Watermelon... you may think that what so big deal about that...
but there is...
Yeah I do not eat Tarbooz and I do not have any reason for that.
I mean "If somebody do not eat something then there are some issues about that eatable, whether its taste, its smell or its look etc."
But I have never taste or smell it ever.
This famous fruit of summer... could not win my heart.
May be its my attitude towards this fruit.
And its not like that that m not a foodie or i don't try experiments... I do them a lot...
I keep experiments with the cuisines and there various foods but I had never got that feel which can make me
eat Tarbooz, or even taste it.
I do not know what you guys gonna think about it... but this is it...
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