INDIAN OF THE WEEK : Dr. Manmohan Singh

From today, I am going to start a new series of blogs here and named it “INDIAN OF THE WEEK”. And I am starting it with a man who may look so calm and silent but is very intelligent and brave. He is current and 14th prime minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Born on 26th September 1932 to Mr. and Mrs. Gurmukh Singh in Gah, Punjab was a genius of minds since his birth. He stands first throughout his academic career and got honors degree from Punjab University. He is a graduate from Cambridge and Oxford University too. Later on he served as a Governor of the Reserve Bank of India during 1982 to 1985 then finance minister of India between 1991 to 1996 and what happen after that we all knows, he became prime minister of the largest democracy in the world, INDIA.

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He is the one man behind the liberalization of industries from license raj era. He is the man behind all nice economical changes happening to us. He is the man behind the fact that people are getting jobs in MNC’s that even in India. He is the man behind the freedom from BABUDOM in industries. He is the man behind all MNC’s coming up to setup their offices in India. He opened up the gates of Indian economy to the foreign investment and brings completion. He makes GDP of India from crawling 3.5 percent to 8 percent during his career as FM of India.

Today if India is an economic power then that is because of him. He is the economist of India. He brings India in a considerable state. He is damn intelligent economist. We should be proud of having him as prime minister of our country. If India is facing huge inflation than he is not the only one to be blamed, Inflaton is there, in almost every country. Indian economy is connected with the whole world. If anything happens to Dow Jones or NASDAQ India face the burn and vice versa. 

So my point is that he is the guy who is the INDIAN OF THE WEEK on my Blog. I am proud of him, every Indian should be proud of him, thankful to him.

P.S.: I want your comments on my point.

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