Best Religion In This World : HINDUISM

If someone ask you, “which one is the best religion in world?” Then what would be your answer? Catholic? Islam? or Budhism?  Whatever you answer, but according to me it is HINDUSIM.

Let me explain my point to you.

Hinduism is the most customized religion ever created on earth. You can make your rules and beliefs. You have an option to choose one god out of huge range of approx 36 lacs gods, great variety you see. You can make your own festivals. You can bribe your god. You make changes in your old traditions according to your ease. Pandits have all solutions to all of your problems. Hindus can eat almost everything in their fasts now. They eat as it suits them. They eat fruits, they eat pakodas, and they eat potatoes almost everything thing except salt during their fasts. I have more examples to explain that. Like they can take kavad on bikes and cars but rules are not like that. Almost every festivals can be celebrate on two days. They customize every ritual. What else I can tell you.

So my point is in HINSUISM, there are no hard beliefs, no hard rule, and no rituals. You can change it the way you want. It is like a WHAT YOU WANT IS WHAT YOU GET religion.

P.S.: Telling you what I feel, so nothing personal. 

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