Why She Can't Hate Him...

Girls have a heart, full of emotions, full of love and feelings. But they do not fall in love with anyone in a while. They take their time to find out the good qualities of the guy. And while doing this they ignore bad things in him. That’s why some times you may wonder why Mandakini fall for Dawood.

Once they start loving the guy, it is very difficult for her to leave that guy or hate that guy. You would have listened about that if a guy cheats on girl, she still takes him back. But have you ever listen that a girl cheats and the guy takes her back, if you did then please tell me here. So I was telling that “She cannot hate her love, ever.”

Whenever she says that “I LOVE HIM”, she always means that, and at that time she just can see everything good in him, ignoring all bad habits. Even if the relationship ends, she always watches herself unable to find anything to hate about the guy she loves. This is the reason “why it is so hard for her to ‘get over him’ after the relationship gets over.”

I think, I made my point clear.

I hope find it interesting enough to tell you buddies to read it here.

P.S.: Girls have a very fragile heart, don’t break it for no good reason.
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