Devdas : A best example for local devdas

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Everyone of us have seen this movie. or some may also have read this novel.
Even new version of devdas i.e; Dev D was a huge hit.


After making 3 original Devdas and one new version of it...and watching at least one out of them we are far away from the what really devdas wants to teach us.
And that is....
"Ego can kill you boss..."
Every guy should take a lesson from this Bollywood hit. Don't take inspiration of killing yourself in someone's love but to shed off that extra ego that Devdas carried with him... else you will meet the fate of Devdas some day.

So try to understand what I am trying to tell you. Ego has ruined many man in this real world... Don't let your Ego do that with you.

P.S.: Be happy and see happy... :)

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