Our Future is in Our Hands

I  will come straight to the point. That is, we have to think about our present to make a better future for our country. And for better future… In our present, we can do just one thing. “PLANNING”.
Yes, Planning…
Planning to provide better education to of all kids, they will make our future.
Planning to fight corruption, which is eating the roots of INDIA like termite.
Planning to have better public infrastructure.
Planning to outcast other countries in terms of development and not in increasing population.

And then leave the rest of the things on how we manage to implement those plans. We should become a better citizen of India first and then do something good for our country.
At least you can plant one tree and try to keep it healthy until you are alive. At least make someone leave there bad habits like drinking or smoking. At least try to teach a poor for free.
These things will make a difference and not spending money like shit. Only we are held responsible for anything that gonna happen to us in future. For instance, if tomorrow this world ends due to global warming then that would be because of our mistakes of present. Now It is up to us what we want to leave for our future generation. A worst then shit life or a beautiful world like heaven.
So let’s do our best in present. And  make our future “Legendary…”

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