Rotten Eggs and Tomatoes

I don’t know how someone can think that he or she has failed in their life, that too without living that? How can a person decide about his or her future by just failing some attempts? And worse to the situation that they try to commit suicide without even giving a damn to the people, who are dependent on them, his family or friends.
In any failure, from a relation to an experiment, from exam to job, no one should think of easy methods to escape the situation but should fight it.
I think no one can be a failure if a person has support of his family and friends. Before making any conclusion about success or failure we should think about the people who have so much faith in us, who love us more than anything.
Always remember “Our life becomes beautiful because of the amazing characters we have in our life and not because of success or money.
When you fail… success can leave you… money can betray you… but the people who loves you… will never going to leave you alone… whatever may be the condition.

This is one truth that you can’t ignore. And if you do… you are already failed…

Even rotten eggs and tomatoes are used to throw on bad performers during shows. So don’t give up… everyone possess some specialty some talent… you just needs to find that… and sooner or later you will find out your worth.

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