On Road or Home

No matter how old you become, there are lots of questions that will keep rising in your head, sometimes because of your inner self while sometimes because of the outer world. As a traveler, I think, what you should care about, is the roads you travel and not the destinations you reach, because roads gives you the experience while the destination gives you few moments to rest. Roads either less traveled or daily, we should learn to respect their importance but we hardly do. We ignore the fact that these are roads that take us to the destination. Destination may disappoint you but roads hardly do so. You ride or walk, they will always be with you.

I think destinations are just myth and have virtual existence because whenever we reach any destination we take rest and enjoy for few moments and then we start on another road to another destination again. It is the whole life chakra for every human being. So why shouldn't we give more importance to roads rather than destination.

I guess, I know. It is the end result that bothers us. We are worried about the result. We are worried about what will happen if destination would not be that good. We are worried about, what we will tell to other people around. This is the thing that bothers us while taking a leap to any journey.
Just fuck everything, at least step outside on the road and take a long walk with someone you can trust and depend upon. You will love it.


  1. when are we taking this road? :)

    1. when you will come to Delhi.. we'll take a long walk.. long enough to stop thinking about anything that bother us..